Campus Life reminder to FVSU students on resources and activities

Reminder Flyer

The Office of Campus Life is offering the following reminder to FVSU students of available resources and activities offered on campus today:

  1. Hot meals will be offered during normal dinner hours in the FVSU dining hall.
  2. Be sure to join us for “Movie Night” at 7 p.m. in the Student Amenities Center.  All FVSU students are welcome.
  3. Gaming is available in the Student Amenities Center Game Room (Ping pong, board games and Foosball).
  4. Gaming is also available in the Commons Clubhouse (Billiards, cards, ping pong, board games and music).
  5. Recreation: Woodward Gym free play is available for FVSU students.

For details, contact Brian Byrd at (478) 825-6290.