Donnie Bellamy, Ph.D.

  • College: College of Arts and Sciences
  • Department: Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Title: Professor Emeritus, History
  • Associated Majors and Graduate Programs: History

Donnie D. Bellamy

Department of History, Geography, Political Science and Criminal Justice
Fort Valley State University Fort Valley, Georgia


Educational Background:

Georgetown High School, Jacksonville, Onslow County, NC
Diploma, May 27, 1958

North Carolina College at Durham, NC
A.B., June 1962

North Carolina College at Durham, NC
M.A., August 1964

Carnegie-Tech (Mellon University), Pittsburgh, PA
Summer History Institute, 1965

University of Missouri, Columbia
Ph.D., August 1970

ARW, January 1971

Fields of Interest:

History of Antebellum America, the American South and Blacks

Master’s Thesis Subject:

Thesis Adviser: Dr. Joseph H. Taylor


Dissertation  Adviser:   Dr. Charles  B. Dew

Teaching Experience:

Lincoln University, Jefferson City, MO
Instructor, 1963-1964

Fort Valley State College, Fort Valley, GA

  • Instructor of Social  Sciences, 1964-967
  • Assistant Professor of Social Sciences, 1968-1970
  • Study Leave  of Absence, 1968-1970
  • Associate Professor  of History, 1970-1975
  • Head, Department  of History, 1973
  • Chairman, Division of Social Sciences, 1974-
  • Professor History, 1975-
  • Regent’s Professor  of  History, 1981-

Grants, Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards:

Cup, Men’s Merit System, North Carolina College at Durham, 1962

Graduate Assistantship, North Carolina College at Durham, 1963 Carnegie Corporation of New York Fellowship, Summer 1965 Plaque, Globetrotters Club, Fort Valley State College, 1968

The Fort Valley State College Faculty Research Grant, 1967-1968, 1970-1971, 1971-1972, 1972-1973, 1973-1974, 1974-1975

The Ford Foundation Advanced Study Fellowship, 1968-1970 Floyd  C. Shoemaker  Scholarship,  Summerl 970

University of Missouri-Columbia Post Residence Doctoral Fellowship. Summer 1970

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Appreciation Award. Fort Valley State College  Chapter.  March 1973

Peachite Service  Award,  Fort  Valley State College,  May 1974

Certificate  of Distinguished  Achievement,  Southern  Rural  Action, February 1978

Service Award, State Committee on the Life and History of Black Georgians, February  1978, 1979

Conference Grant, “Rural Poverty in Georgia,” Committee for the Humanities in Georgia,  March 1978

Elected Chairman, Third Annual Helen G. Edmonds History Colloquium, April 1978

Student Government Association’s Service Award, 1977-1978, Fort Valley State College, May 26, 1978

Carter G. Woodson Award for Best Article Published in the Journal o(Negro History,  1976- 1978

Chairman’s Award, State Committee on the Life and History of Black Georgians, February 7, 1979

Colloquium  Grant  Southern Education  Foundation,  April 1980

The Fort Valley State College National Alumni Association Award, April 26, 1980

Conference Grant, “The Crime Wave in Georgia,” Committee for the Humanities in Georgia, January 1981

The  Helen G. Edmonds  History Colloquium  Award,  March 8, 1982

Grant for Series of Public Forums, “The Black Church in Historical Perspective,” Georgia Endowment for the Humanities, September 1982-May 1963

Listed in:

  • Outstanding Young Men of.America. 1972
  • Dictionary of International Biography, 1973 Outstanding Educators of.America, 1974-1975
  • Men of Achievement,  1975
  • Notable Americans of the Bicentennial Era, 1975-1976
  • Personalities  of  the  South, 1976
  • Who’s Who of Work Professors, 1977
  • Directory of American  Scholars, 1978

Consultative  and  Educational Services:

Served on the Committee which drafted the CLEP Afro-American History Examination, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, February 1972.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools  Evaluation  Visiting Committee, Roosevelt High School, Atlanta, Georgia, October  29- 31, 1972.

Member, Advisory Committee on the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia to Select a President for the Fort Valley State College, 1972-1973.

Southern Association of Colleges  and Schools  Evaluation  Visiting Committee, South-West High School, Macon, Georgia, April 8-11, 1973.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Evaluation Visiting Committee, Central High School, Macon, Georgia, March 8-11, 19 73.

Consultant, Institute for Teaching and Learning, Spelman College, Atlanta,  Georgia, 1975.

Curriculum Specialist, Consortium for Teaching and Learning, Spelman College,  Atlanta,  Georgia, 1975.

Panelist, Southern Rural Action Community Forums, Fort Valley, Georgia, November  16, 1977;  February  8, 1978.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Evaluation Visiting Committee, Griffin-Spalding School System, April I 0-12, 1978.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Evaluation Visiting Committee, D. F. Douglass High School, Montezuma, Georgia, April  17-19, 1978.

Member, Affirmative Actions Advisory Committee, Warner Robins Air Force  Base, Georgia, 1978.

Member, University System of Georgia Board of Regents· Fort Valley State College – Macon Junior College Community Liaison Desegregation  Committee, 1978.

Consultant, Georgia Department of Archives and History, Community Service Programs,  Atlanta, June 28,  1979.

Chairman, Third Annual Helen G. Edmonds History Colloquium and Scholarship Fund, 1978-1979, North Carolina Central University, Durham.

Member, Research Team of the Georgia Agri-Rama Authority, Tifton, Georgia.

Member_ Board of Advisors, Dictionary of Georgia Biography. Advisory  Reviewer,  Journal  of Negro History.

Director, “Crime Wave in Georgia: A Symposium on Race and Sex,” to be funded by the Committee for the Humanities in Georgia.” January 15-17, 1980.

Reviewer and Panelist, National Endowment for the Humanities, Museums  and  Historical  Organizations Programs.

Served as 1981 Chairman of Program  Committee  of Association  for the Study of Afro-American Life and History Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

”Reconstruction in Bibb County, Georgia” 6ih Annual Meeting Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History, Baltimore, Maryland, October 23, 1982.

Non-Professional  Activities:

 Coordinator, Voter Registration and Education, Southern Regional Council,  Fort  Valley, Georgia,  Summer, 1966.

Deputy Voter Registrar, Peach County, Georgia, 1971-1973. Co-Chairman,  Peach County  United Givers Fund,  1973.


Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History, Member of Executive Council

Georgia  Association  of Historians,  Chartered  Member, 1973

Peach Area Professional Service, Incorporated, Chartered  Member and Member  of  Board  of Directors, 1977

Peach County  Historical  Society, Founder

Peach County Restorations, Incorporated, Chartered Member and member of Board  of Directors

Phi  Alpha Theta History  Honorary  Society, 1975

Southern Historical  Association,  Program  Committee for 1980

State Committee on the Life and History of Black Georgians, Incorporated, Founding  Member  and Parliamentarian

The Helen G. Edmonds History Colloquium


Publications  and Publishers:


Glory Road: The Visible Black Man in America. Middletown, Conn.: American  Education  Publications, 1971.

Light in the Valley: A Pictorial History  of  Fort  Valley  State College Since 1895, Virginia Beach, VA: Donning Company Publisher, 1996.

From Slavery to Freedom: A Pictorial History of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Since 1863. Virginia Beach, VA; Donning Publishers, 1998.

Articles and  Book Chapters:

and  W. Sherman Jackson, “‘Historical  Views on Slavery,” NIP Magazine (June  1971), 23-27.

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”Slavery in Microcosm” Onslow County, North Carolina, Journal of Negro History, LXII October 1977), 339-50. Carter G. Woodson Award for “best article” in Journal between 1976-1978.

“Whites Sue for Desegregation in Georgia.: The Fort Valley State College Case,”  Journal  of Negro  History,  LXIV (Fall  1979), 316-41.

Slavery in Georgia, booklet prepared for public school use and funded by National Endowment for Humanities grant through the State Committee  on Life and  History  of Black Georgians.

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“Onslow County’s Black History,” in A History of Onslow County, North Carolina, edited by Tucker Littleton, to be announced.

“Macon, Georgia, 1823-1860: A Study of Urban Slavery” “The Education of Blacks Missouri Prior to 1861”

“Race and Politics in Peach County, Georgia, 1963-1978,” under consideration  for publication.

“Black Reconstruction in Georgia,” in B1ack Reconstruction Revisited, edited by Thomas J. Davis, to be published by Greenwood Press, date to be announced.

“Black Education in Onslow County, North Carolina, A Brief History 1868-1966,”              Journal of Georgia Association of Historians, XVIV (1998), 258-278.

“Henry Alexander Hunt,” American National Biography, New York, NY: Oxford  University  Press, 1999.

Researched  Papers  and Lectures:

 “Reverse Discrimination: Fact or Myth,” State Committee on Life and History of Black Georgians, Inc. (SCLHBG) – Committee for the Humanities in Georgia (CHG), Morehouse  College, Atlanta, Georgia,  February  8, 1978.

“Blacks in the Military during the American Revolutionary War,” Warner Robins Air Force Base, Georgia,  February  17, 1978.

The Affective Side of Testing,” Albany State college – Committee for the Humanities in Georgia, “Problems and Prospects: The literacy Crisis in the Schools Program,” Fort Valley State College, Georgia, April 8, 1978.

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Black Students – Historically White Colleges and Universities,” Middle Georgia College. Cochran,  Georgia,  February  27, 1979.

Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment,” Scott Candler Public Library, Decatur, Georgia,  February  13, March 20, 1979.

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“The American Slave Father and Manhood: A Historical Reinterpretation.” Washington University, St. Louis, February 25, 1980.

“Black Scholar as College President: Horace Mann Bond’s Fort Valley State College Years, 1939-1945” presented at the 4th Annual Helen G. Edmonds History Colloquium, Durham, North Carolina, March 7-8, 1980.

Black Americans  in the Nineteenth  Century;  Commented  on Nell  Irvin  Painter of University of Pennsylvania paper entitled “Millennial Aspects  of the Exodus  to Kansas of 1879” 40th  Annual  Meeting the Southern  Historical  Association, Dallas

Texas, Saturday, November 9, 1974. Donnie D. Bellamy, Fort Valley State College.

Research for Publication  in Process


Henry Alexander Hunt: A Biography of Agricultural and Educational Leadership,  To be published  by University  of Georgia Press.

History of The Fort Valley State College, 1890-1990: The First 100 Years.


“Solomon Humphries: Black Capitalist of Antebellum Macon, Georgia.” “Austin Thomas  Walden and the Civil  Rights  Movement  in Georgia.”

“Another Black Mayor in Dixie: Rudolph J. Carson and Racial Politics in Fort  Valley,  Georgia, 1972-1982.”

“Black  Reconstruction  in Bibb County,  Georgia, 1860-1880.”