Fort Valley State University invites you to its 13th Annual Fine Arts and Media Experience (FAME) Summer Camp. FAME allows students, grades 7-12, to gain rigorous academic training in the areas of the visual and performing arts, as well as in television/radio. Submitted portfolios must include (as applicable) electronic copies of drawings, prints, photographs, paintings, film, video, audio recordings, sculpture, ceramics, graphic designs, architectural designs, websites, video games, sketchbooks, scripts, storyboards, screenplays, recitals, and performances. Submit 5–10 pieces of your best and most recent work. Once your application is complete and your materials have been reviewed, the FAME Camp Director will contact you by Friday, May 20, 2016 to let you know whether you have been accepted into the program. If accepted, all campers receive full tuition, as well as room and board (overnight accommodation being optional).

The camp begins on Sunday, June 5, 2016 at 4 p.m. in the C.W. Pettigrew Center, room 102, with a mandatory orientation meeting for all campers and parents/guardians. After the meeting, overnight campers will go to their respective dormitories with their counselors and day campers will go home. Auditions will take place Monday, June 6 in the morning as follow: Patton Hall for music, Founders Hall for visual arts, Fine Arts Gallery and Studio for video/radio production and the Health and Physical Education Complex for dance. Music campers must arrive the first day with instruments in hand.

The daily camp schedule includes morning rehearsals/sessions in the area of concentration and one afternoon elective, except in the area of television/radio, which does not have the elective option. Private lessons are also available for an additional fee. Evenings may include activities, such as a pizza party, movie night and a dance night.

The Fine Arts and Media Experience Summer Camp concludes on June 17 in the C.W. Pettigrew Center with an Art Gala Performance and Video/Radio Production at 4-7 p.m., followed by a reception.

If you need more information, please contact the Fort Valley State University Department of Visual & Performing Arts and Mass Communications, (478) 825-6387 or fame@fvsu.edu.

Please click HERE for directions to our campus.

We look forward to your visit!

General Information

Items to bring to camp:

  1. Personal items
  2. Bed linens and pillow (overnight campers)
  3. Rain gear, recreational gear, and comfortable walking shoes.
  4. Performance Dress: (Women – Dark knee-length or longer dress or skirt; Men – Dress shirt, tie and dark slacks)
  5. Music camper must bring their own instruments. We furnish concert percussion, drawing & painting materials, and visual arts equipment.
  6. Instrument and/or fine arts cases should have name tags.

*Important: Overnight campers are NOT allowed to have cars on campus during the summer camp.*

Afternoon Electives

Elementary Piano: instruction in hand position on the keys, major & minor chords, and playing simple melodies using both hands.

Dance: instruction in stepping, drilling, and body synchronization.

Digital Media & Design: instruction in the use of digital design software.

Drama: instruction in the principles of acting, voice projection, and internalization.

Drawing & Painting instruction in sketching and painting.

Photography: instruction in the digital photography, including taking, editing, and printing photographs.

3D Projects: instruction in modeling, construction, and assembling.

Jazz Band: instruction on beginning and intermediate performance and improvisation.