FVSU provides online offerings for college students

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February 19, 2016 – For nontraditional students and graduating high school students, obtaining a college education might be as easy as turning on a computer, connecting to the internet and enrolling at Fort Valley State University.  The university currently provides four fully online bachelor degree programs in organizational leadership, criminal justice, political science and psychology, and a master’s degree program in rehabilitation counseling.

The number of students taking online courses is increasing across the country. According an annual study conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group in 2013, nearly 5.3 million United States students took online courses in Fall 2013, up 3.7 percent from the previous year.

The same trend is taking place on FVSU’s campus. The College of Graduate Studies and Extended Education oversees the university’s online instruction on campus. Dr. Rayton Sianjina, College of Graduate Studies and Extended Education Dean says that the number of online students on campus is increasing.

“Online programs provide meaningful, convenient and quality instruction,” Sianjina said. “Students like online programs because of the flexibility they offer for students, especially for non-traditional and adult learners. You can take the class anytime, anywhere and not be bound by a specific schedule at all times, so it caters to the needs of students.”

The university offers general education for students through eCore, a University System of Georgia program, where affiliate institutions offer general education courses to students in an online setting.

Here are a listing of fully online degree programs that are available at FVSU:

Organizational Leadership:  The university developed the degree program to help individuals gain insight and the essential supervisory skills necessary to understand the interests of employees, managers and consumers.  For details, contact Dr. Ian Toppin, at (478) 825-6991.

B.A. in Criminal Justice:
Students will learn about the foundations, principles and procedures of the criminal justice system including law enforcement. For details, contact Dr. Dawn Herd-Clark at (478) 825 -6657
B.A. in Political Science: political science degree programs provides instruction about the foundations, principles and procedures of the criminal and political justice system including law enforcement, the court system and corrections.  For more information, contact Dr. Dawn Herd-Clark at (478) 825 -6657.

B.A. Psychology:
The program prepares students to pursue careers in psychology and psychology-related fields and provide related services to students. For details, contact Dr. Komanduri Murty at (478) 825-6232.
M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling and Case Management: The program requires counselors to work with individuals that have physical, mental, or emotional disabilities and helping them to achieve their fullest vocational, social, psychological and economic independence. For details, contact Dr. Kan Chandras (478) 825-6176.

For details, contact Sianjina at (478) 825-6330.