FVSU SAFE Tips May 4-8

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Fort Valley State University has launched the Safety Awareness For Everyone (SAFE) campaign. Several times a week, our campus will provide you with personal safety tips that will help you protect yourself and remain safe on or off campus. If you have a crime to report, contact Campus Safety at (478) 825-6211, or if it is an emergency, call the Fort Valley City Police at 911.

Guarding against Robbery and Assault
Tip 1: To protect against robbery and assault, stay in well-lit areas as much as possible. Avoid alleys, vacant lots, wooded areas, and other short-cuts or secluded areas. They are usually not well-lit or heavily traveled.
Tip 2: To guard against robbery and assault, walk on the sidewalk whenever possible. Walk close to the curb, avoiding doorways, bushes, and other potential hiding places.

Off-Campus Safety Tips
Tip 1: Identify the person who is knocking before you open the door. This is why it is so important to have peep holes or a chain device on your door as well as well-lighted entryways.
Tip 2: Before renting an off-campus apartment, you should check the residence to make sure that it has a solid metal or solid core wooden entry way. Make sure that the locks and strike plates are mounted securely. Also ask if the locks have been rekeyed since the last tenant moved out.

Remember the basic rules of prevention is to be sensible and stay alert. For additional tips on safety, visit www2.fvsu.edu/safe.