Strategic Planning

What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning at Fort Valley State University is a means of establishing core values, major directions, goals and strategies for the university, college/school or department and supports our aspiration of being one of the nation’s leading land-grant universities, a leader in research and discovery, teaching, and engagement.

The mission of  Fort Valley State is to advance the cause of education with emphasis upon fulfilling commitments that our community members have undertaken collectively. As an institution of the University System of Georgia, Fort Valley State University naturally embraces the principles articulated by the Core Mission Statement for State Universities as approved by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. The university’s primary commitments include, among others, enhancement of teacher training programs grounded upon a liberal arts foundation, as reflective of over 110 years of experience and tradition. Additionally, the university recognizes with great pride and desires to further its responsibilities as Georgia’s only 1890 Land Grant institution by offering programming excellence in agriculture, agribusiness, family and consumer sciences, extension, and military science, as well as to further its traditions of excellence in programs in the liberal arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural and physical sciences.

Through strategic planning, resources are identified and concentrated in order to maximize benefits to stakeholders, specifically those we exist to serve and who are affected by the choices we make. In higher education, those stakeholders include students, faculty, staff, alums, employers of graduates, funding agencies, and various other segments of society. Strategic planning is a structured approach to anticipating the future and creating a plan so we as an institution are prepared when it arrives.

The strategic plan will chart the anticipated course for the entire institution for the next several. It is a process for ensuring that our institutional funding follow the plan rather than vice versa. Strategic planning is not just a plan for growth and expansion, but also accommodated reallocations and necessary shifts, as needed.

Fort Valley State University is currently undergoing a new Strategic Planning Process.

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2015 FVSU Strategic Plan Guiding Committee

Name Type of Stakeholder Email Address Telephone#
1.      Eady, Denise President’s Office 6333
2.      Truss, B. Donta Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness 7593
3.      Hill, Edward Dean, College of Education 6250
4.      Kannan, Govind Dean, College of Agriculture, Family Sciences & Technology 6320
5.      Mehan, Uppinder Dean, College of Arts & Sciences 6474
6.      Sianjina, Rayton Dean, College of Graduate Studies & Extended Education 6338
7.      Mack, James Chair, Faculty Senate 6841
8.      Moten-Thomas, Joy Chair, Staff Council 6954
9.      Miller, Gary Director, Information Technology 6228
10.   Hill, Ariel President, Student Government Association 678-358-3119
11.   Murfree, Joshua Director, Athletics 6238
12.   Williams, LuWanna Associate Director of Intercollegiate Athletics 6179
13.   Bailey, Jessica Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs 6402
14.   Hobbs, Lynn Vice President, Business & Finance 6374
15.   Carter, Melody Vice President, External Affairs 6450
16.   Harris, Angela Vice President, Student Success & Enrollment Management 6255
17.   Keese, Wallace Dean of Students 6292
18.   Boston, Edward Director, Alumni Affairs 6347
19.   Berry-Johnson, Pamela Director, Marketing & Communications 6319
20.   Crew, Dewayne Associate Vice President of Facilities
21.   Jones, Charles Chief Legal Counsel 6156
22.   TBD Graduate Level Student
23.   Williams, Barbara Community Representative 825-8567
24.   Morris, Melvin Doug President, FVSU National Alumni Association 770-401-9865
25.   Smyre, Calvin Representative, Georgia House District 135 | FVSU Foundation 404-656-0116 (ATL)706-649-2243 (COL)
26.   Bookie, Johnnie FVSU Foundation
27.   Thomas, Kelwyn Global Initiative Council
28.   Howard, Kenneth Athletic Supporter (912) 876-3164
29.   Velez, Moises Community Representative

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