FVSUsign_SlideThe mission of Fort Valley State University is to advance the cause of education with emphasis upon fulfilling commitments that our community members have undertaken collectively. As an institution of the University System of Georgia, Fort Valley State University naturally embraces the principles articulated by the Core Mission Statement for State Universities as approved by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. The university’s primary commitments include, among others, enhancement of teacher training programs grounded upon a liberal arts foundation, as reflective of over 110 years of experience and tradition. Additionally, the university recognizes with great pride and desires to further its responsibilities as Georgia’s only 1890 Land Grant institution by offering programming excellence in agriculture, agribusiness, family and consumer sciences, extension, technology and military science and leadership, as well as to further its traditions of excellence in programs in the liberal arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural and physical sciences.

The university’s primary commitments extend, as well, to:

  1. community outreach through the concept of the communiversity, an approach that highlights the interdependence of community and university;
  2. expanding service beyond the campus, as well as within, so that the institution addresses in a meaningful manner the broad diversity—human and technical—of needs in our home region and state as well as nationally and internationally;
  3. sparking within our students an enduring interest in learning and providing the tools and skills necessary to maintain that interest through life;
  4. preparing students through a mentoring approach for the opportunity to serve their fellow man while enjoying the opportunity provided by hard work and achievement to live the quality of life inherent in the American dream;
  5. encouraging and supporting creative expression, innovation, honesty, and integrity as endeavors of lasting and intrinsic merit;
  6. providing a productive environment for cutting-edge academic and practical research in, among other fields, agriculture, aquaculture, animal science, biotechnology, energy, environment, social and behavioral sciences, and the humanities; and
  7. otherwise acting to enlighten, enrich, and inspire by example those whom we serve.

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