2017-2018 Standing Committees

Academic Enhancement Committee

The Academic Enhancement Committee (AEC) provides strategic oversight to the standing committees of the University that help shape academic policies and procedures. The goal of the AEC is to help bolster academic quality at the University while ensuring we adhere to applicable internal, USG, and federal guidelines. Serving on the AEC are the following positions:

Dr. Ramon Stuart, Chair
Dr. Govind Kannan Library Committee Chair
Dr. Josephine Davis Online Learning Committee Chair
Dr. Rebecca McMullen Ms. Sharee’ Lawrence
Curriculum Committee Chair Ms. Mackenzie Hutchinson*
Ms. Juone Brown Dr. Chanta Haywood
Graduate Council Chair Mr. Jesse Kane
IT Enhancement Committee Chair

The AEC is divided into the following subcommittees, each with decision-making authority within its purview, and with each subcommittee chairs also serving on the broader AEC to ensure collaboration and consistency.

  • Curriculum
  • Graduate Council
  • IT Enhancement
  • Library
  • Online Learning

Curriculum Committee

The purpose of this committee is to receive and act on proposals for new curricula or changes to existing ones; and propose policies or changes in existing policies and procedures dealing with academic matters. The actions of the Committee, which are of general concern, are presented to the faculty as recommendations. In matters involving new curricula, faculty approval is a prerequisite to sending request to the President and to the Board of Regents for approval. Purely local matters become final with either the Committee’s approval or the faculty’s approval, depending on the nature of the issues involved. Provisions will be made on the agenda for the receipt of reports from representatives of the Regents Advisory Committees. The Chair maintains a record of these reports.

Dr. Masoud Naghedolfeizi, Chair
Dr. Govind Kannan Learning Support
Dr. Josephine Davis Language and Liberal Studies
Dr. Rebecca McMullen Program Subcommittee Chair
Dr. Frank Archer Ms. Sharee’ Lawrence
Mr. Frank Mahitab Dr. Oreta Samples
Dr. Stevie Lawrence Dr. Ramana Gosukonda
Ms. Juone Brown Dr. Melinda Davis
Educational Policy Subcommittee Chair Ms. Anita Ingram*
Agriculture Engineering Military Science
Animal Science – Undergraduate Veterinary Sciences
Biology Family and Consumer Science
Business Health and Physical Education
Chemistry Behavioral and Sciences
Mathematics and Computer Science Ms. Katherine Hosmer*
Visual and Performing Arts Ms. Darian Simpkins*

Educational Policy Subcommittee

The Educational Policy Subcommittee reviews policy issues related to curriculum. It may propose policy or entertain suggestions to clarify, develop, revise, or establish procedures or policies related to curricula matters. The subcommittee makes its recommendations to the full Curriculum Committee.

Dr. Regina Ivory Butts, Chair
Dr. Linda Johnson Dr. Jerry Mobley
Dr. Miranda Knight Ms. Sydney Johnson*
Dr. Mary Barnard Ms. Alexis Johnson*
Dr. Samuel Cartwright Ms. Tyeshia Arnold*
Dr. Melinda Davis Ms. Sharee’ Lawrence
Dr. Rayton Sianjina

Program Subcommittee

The Program Subcommittee studies recommendations for programs and proposals for changes in curricula. It works closely with submitting departments to address matters related to institutional and Board of Regents policies. The subcommittee makes its recommendations to the full Curriculum Committee.

Dr. Seyedmehdi Mobini, Chair
Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Ms. Meleanea Homer*
Dr. Curtis Borne Mr. Michael Johnson*
Ms. Seema Dhir Ms. Hope Russell*
Dr. Meigan Fields Dr. Clarence Riley
Dr. Diane Byrd Ms. Sharee’ Lawrence
Dr. Tom Jarvis

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is the policy-making body on all matters related to graduate studies. Its membership is represented by a cross-section of administrators and faculty members from the varied academic departments of the university and includes graduate student representation.

The council shall initiate policy and procedures regarding the conduct of graduate work; review and evaluate existing graduate programs; review and make recommendations for the qualification and selection of graduate faculty; and review proposed new graduate programs prior to submission to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Graduate Council will receive and act on students’ grievances, petitions, and appeals that remain unresolved at the dean’s level in which each program resides.

Dr. Clarence Riley, Chair
Animal Science Program Coordinator Dr. Mahipal Singh
Biotechnology Program Coordinator Dr. Bipul Biswas
Environmental Health Program Coordinator Dr. Jimmy McCamey
Mental Health Counseling Program Coordinator Dr. Tamara Payne
Rehabilitation Counseling Program Coordinator Dr. Tom Jarvis
School Counselor Education Program Coordinator Dr. Alfrieda Manson
Middle Grades Education Coordinator Dr. Peter Dumbuya
History Program Coordinator Mr. Brandon Beaty*
Dr. Govind Kannan Ms. Rolonda Taylor*
Dr. Josephine Davis Ms. Jessica Lemon*
Dr. Rebecca McMullen Ms. Juone Brown (ex-officio)
Mr. Ashley Ballard Dr. Chanta Haywood (ex-officio)
Ms. Sharee’ Lawrence

IT Enhancement Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to establish and maintain a uniform and integrated structure for considering information technology matters in order to advise the president and cabinet in making executive-level strategic management decisions involving information technologies; set directions and priorities for information technology and related resource allocations in a timely manner; develop policies and procedures that support and compliment those implemented by the USG BOR Office of Information Technology; and establish a mechanism for overseeing the implementation of strategic and tactical institutional technology plans while maintaining internal controls.

Mr. Chad Hebner, Chair
Mr. Randall Douge Mr. Kenneth Inge
Ms. Yolonda Surrency Online Learning Committee Chair
Dr. Rebecca McMullen OSP IT Specialist**
Dr. Hari Singh Ms. Denise Ezell
Ms. Juone Brown Mr. Quenderrion White*
Dr. Jessica Jefferson Mr. Randall Barnes*
Ms. Kimberly Morris Mr. Ashley Ballard
Dr. Frank Archer Ms. Alfreda Hester
Ms. Akwai Agoons

Library Committee

The responsibilities of the Library Committee include advising the Director of the Library on such matters as allocation of funds for library acquisitions; reviewing library services to students and faculty; recommending improvements and changes in these services; and serving as a liaison between the library staff and the faculty.

Dr. Teresa Shakespeare, Chair
Dr. Hao Qui Dr. Oreta Samples
Dr. Mark Smith Dr. Elizabeth Simpson
Mr. Adonis Stanley Dr. Kimberly Nelson
Ms. Betty Rogers Mr. Vishal  Singh
Ms. Courtney Lester* Mr. Chad Hebner
Ms. Adasia Wheeler* Ms. La’Quata Sumter
Mr. Juan Simpson* Mr. Frank Mahitab (ex-officio)

Online Learning Committee

The responsibilities of the Online Learning Committee includes the development of goals and objectives for online teaching and learning; development of policies and procedures for online teaching and learning; assisting in the development of online courses and programs; and reviewing new online courses and programs for compliance with best practices.

Dr. Roddrick Chatmon, Chair
Ms. Rebecca Larson Dr. Washella Simmons
Dr. Jasmine Paul Ms. Amanda Glover
Dr. Jessica Jefferson Ms. Kenneth Inge
Dr. Niki Whitley Ms. La’Quata Sumter (ex-officio)
Dr. Jerry Brenner

Enterprise Risk Management Committee

The Enterprise Risk Management Committee (ERMC) provides oversight and support for university central operations and institution-wide administrative activities. The goal of ERMC is to devise strategic plans to help identify and achieve institutional goals, while simultaneously helping to manage and assess the risks that may serve to limit or prevent goal attainment. Serving on the ERMC are the following positions:

Mr. Kendall Isaac, Chair
Ms. LuWanna Williams Ms. Carole Clerie
Mr. Chad Hebner Internal Auditor**
Ms. Patrice Terrell Ms. Chewan Evans
Ms. Akwai Agoons Agricultural and Lab Animals Care and Use Committee Chair
Mr. Ken Morgan Athletics Committee Chair
Ms. Joyce Brown Emergency Management, Clery Act and SAFE Committee Chair
Mr. Joe Thomas Environmental Health and Safety Committee Chair
Mr. Derrius Butler Human Subjects Committee Chair

The ERMC is divided into the following subcommittees, each with decisional authority within its purview, and with each of the subcommittee chairs also serving on the broader ERMC to ensure optimal collaboration and consistency in message and approach:

  • Agriculture and Lab Animals Care and Use
  • Athletics
  • Emergency Management, Clery Act, and SAFE
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Human Subjects

Agricultural and Laboratory Animals Care and Use (ALACUC)

This Committee is responsible for approving, monitoring, facilitating, and supporting the institution’s ALACUC Program. Its goal is to ensure that the use of agricultural and laboratory animals in teaching and research programs is humane, appropriate, and in accordance with the Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Agricultural Research and Teaching, and other guidelines and policies affecting the care and use of agricultural and laboratory animals.

Dr. Brou Kouakou, Chair
Dr. Saul Mofya (Attending Veterinarian) Ms. Evelyn Smith*
Dr. Domingo Uy Dr. Govind Kannan (ex-officio)
Dr. Miranda Knight Dr. Vernard Hodges
Dr. Mahipal Singh


This Committee shall establish and oversee athletic policies and practices, ensuring conformity with governing organizations such as the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association, National Collegiate Athletic Association, etc. Acting as a liaison between faculty, students, and the athletic programs, it will ensure proper emphasis on educational programs.

Dr. Jerry Haywood, Chair
Ms. LuWanna Williams Mr. George Williams
Dr. Jacques Surrency Ms. Kimberly Morris
Dr. Fredrick McLaughlin Ms. Calandra Wright

Emergency Management, Clery Act, and SAFE

This Committee meets regularly to discuss and create protocol for handling emergencies involving the people, animals and property that occupy our campus. This subcommittee also serves as an advisory board for leadership relative to safety planning on campus.

Dr. George McCommon and Mr. Ken Morgan, Co-chairs
Mr. Desmond Williams Mr. Michael Qualls
Mr. Wallace Keese Dr. Greg Green
Mr. Donald Moore Mr. W. Gene Bryant
Ms. Patrice Terrell Ms. Jacqueline Caskey-James
Dr. George McCommon Ms. Tammie White
Mr. Derrius Butler

Environmental Health and Safety

This Committee is responsible for providing a chemical waste management program, safety policies and procedures manual, training programs, fact sheets, laboratory safety manual templates, safety standard operating procedures, a bio-safety manual template and blood born pathogen exposure control plan templates, as well as other resources and tools. Biological agents used in research will also be overseen by this Committee.

Dr. Nirmal Joshee, Chair
Mr. Joe Thomas Mr. Derrius Butler
Dr. Eugene Amoah Mr. Jared Fluellen
Dr. Melinda Davis Dr. Brou Kouakou
Dr. Tiffani Holmes Dr. Terrell Hollis
Dr. Sarwan Dhir Mr. W. Gene Bryant

Human Subjects

This Committee is responsible for ensuring that human subjects utilized in research efforts and the manner in which they are involved meet federal, state, and local regulations. The Committee will also review and approve all research protocols and subject release forms.

Dr. Clarence Riley, Chair
Ms. Patrice Terrell Dr. Rayton Sianjina
Dr. Chanta Haywood Dr. Niki Whitley
Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Dr. Teah Moore
Dr. Felicia Jefferson Dr. Jerry Mobley
Dr. Robin Bright Dr. Diane Byrd
Dr. Meigan Fields

National Science Foundation (NSF)

This Committee provides oversight and support for NSF-funded activities. When convened, the members consist of the President, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chief Business Officer Compliance Officer, Legal Officer, Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs, Controller and Budget Director.

Retention and Student Success Committee

The Retention and Student Success Committee (RSSC) provides oversight and support for the growth and development of our students. The goal of RSSC is to help identify areas where we can enhance student success while ensuring that we work with students who witness challenges while pursuing a degree. Serving on the RSSC are the following positions:

Mr. Jesse Kane, Chair
Dr. Govind Kannan Behavioral Intervention Team Chair
Dr. Josephine Davis Registration Committee Chair
Dr. Rebecca McMullen Retention Committee Chair
Mr. John Cagnina Ms. Juone Brown
Mr. Wallace Keese Ms. Kimberly Morris
Dr. Stevie Lawrence Ms. Sharee’ Lawrence
Academic Appeals Chair Ms. Niae Tibbs*
Admissions Committee Chair

The RSSC is divided into the following subcommittees, each with decisional authority within its purview, and with each of the subcommittee chairs also serving on the broader RSSC to ensure optimal collaboration and consistency in message and approach:

  • Academic Appeals
  • Admissions
  • Behavioral Intervention Team
  • Registration
  • Retention

Academic Appeals Committee

The Academic Appeals Committee is responsible for reviewing and deciding appeals of academic suspensions and dismissals, medical withdrawals, and other academic-related matters. The Committee shall:

  • Consist of representation from all of the offices/units that are responsible for student admission, registration, fee payment, and matriculation, to include the Office of the Registrar; the Financial Aid Office, the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Success and Enrollment Management; and the Academic Success Center;
  • Meet regularly to discuss and make decisions on academic appeals and related matters; and
  • Communicate appeal decisions to students and offices related to admission, registration, fee payment, and matriculation
Dr. Teresa Shakespeare, Chair
Dr. Jacques Surrency Dr. Jerry Haywood
Dr. Roderick Chatmon Mr. Kareem Kenney
Dr. Rebecca McMullen Ms. Joyce Brown (ex-officio)
Mr. Wallace Keese Ms. Sharee’ Lawrence (ex-officio)

Admissions Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to review and make recommendations on student petitions for admissions and re-admissions for the forthcoming semester no later than the third week of each term. The categories of petitions to be considered for undergraduate admissions include student petitions for initial enrollment, matters related to the admissions of transfer students, or the admissions of post-baccalaureate students who are not pursuing teacher certification. The categories of petitions to be considered for re-admissions include students re-entering after a period of suspension or dismissal.

Recommendations regarding student petitions for readmission or re-admissions shall be made to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs within seven business days of the Committee’s meeting date. Students shall be notified of the results of their petitions at least three weeks prior to the semester of intended enrollment. Other responsibilities include the following:

  • Publish a calendar of the meeting dates of the Committee and send timely communications to all students eligible for consideration of an appeal by the Admissions Committee;
  • Review, for the purpose of making a recommendation of continued enrollment (or possibly terminated enrollment), the academic status of students who have failed to achieve good academic standing, after completing a minimum of three successive semesters on academic probation;
  • Conduct and publish the results of an annual survey of students’ perceptions of; and
  • Experiences with the admissions and re-admissions procedures.
Dr. Tamara Payne, Chair
Dr. Miranda Knight Ms. Patricia Barrett
Dr. Celia Dodd Mr. Ashley Ballard
Dr. Alfrieda Manson Ms. Juone Brown
Dr. Govind Kannan Mr. Ken Morgan
Mr. Wallace Keese Ms. Calandra Wright (ex-officio)
Mr. Charles Jones Ms. Sharee’ Lawrence (ex-officio)

Behavioral Intervention Team

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) Committee is dedicated to a proactive, coordinated, and planned approach to the identification, prevention, assessment, management, and reduction of interpersonal and behavioral threats to the safety and well-being of FVSU students and employees. The BIT addresses situations where individuals are displaying disruptive behaviors, threatening or concerning in nature, and that potentially impede their own or others’ ability to function successfully and safely. The team meets regularly and on an emergency basis to review referrals brought forward.

Mr. Wallace Keese, Chair
Mr. Ken Morgan Ms. LaRue Harden
Ms. Patrice Terrell Mr. Charles Jones
Ms. Joyce Brown Dr. Otha Everett
Ms. Chewan Evans Mr. Ralph Stith
Mr. Shawn Modena Ms. Jacqueline Caskey-James

Registration Committee

The primary purpose of the Registration Committee is to provide a forum for planning and subsequent examination of each registration session held on campus. The Committee will greatly facilitate preregistration communication among the membership and will enhance communication about registration plans on campus.

Ms. Sharee’ Lawrence, Chair
Dr. Govind Kannan Ms. John Cagnina
Dr. Josephine Davis Mr. Wallace Keese
Dr. Rebecca McMullen Ms. Kimberly Morris
Dr. Stevie Lawrence Ms. Adelia McKinley*
Mr. Chad Hebner Dr. Chanta Haywood
Ms. Teresa Southern* Mr. Jesse Kane (ex-officio)

Retention Committee

The Retention Committee is responsible for the coordination of the campus-wide retention efforts. The Committee’s responsibilities include the implementation and evaluation of the university’s retention plans; collaboration with academic and non-academic units across campus to ensure the colleges and functional units’ retention plans are incorporated into the campus-wide retention efforts; evaluate data to monitor retention activities and support institutional improvement; and ensure that the campus is informed of all retention activities.

Dr. Stevie Lawrence, Chair
Dr. Saul Mofya Ms. Ala’Torya Cranford
Dr. Sarwan Dhir Mr. Octavious Edwards
Dr. Regina Ivory-Butts Mr. Jonathan Thompson
Dr. Andrew Lee Mr. Rachel Byrd
Mr. George Williams Ms. Shelisha Williams
Dr. Greg Green Ms. Niae Tibbs*
Ms. Kristie Kenney Mr. Jesse Kane (ex-officio)

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee (SEC) is responsible for the planning and execution of all special events of the University. During the spring and summer semesters, the SEC will plan its calendars of events for the year. Events include, but are not limited to, lecture series, Founders’ Day, Commencements, Distinguished Service Awards Program, and Open House.

Close coordination is essential between this Committee and the work of other committees and offices such as the President, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Marketing and Communication, Vice Provost for Student Success and Enrollment Management, Athletic Committee, and the Homecoming Committee. Ultimately, the SEC shall endeavor to develop a university-wide calendar that will include events and activities for the fiscal year. Serving on the SEC are:

Ms. Alecia Johnson, Chair
Commencement Committee Chair Mr. Ken Morgan
Founders’ Day Committee Chair Mr. Donald Moore
Honors Convocation Committee Chair Mr. Cedric Mobley
John W. Davison Lecture Series Committee Chair Ms. Cynthia Wilson Willis

The SEC is divided into the following subcommittees, each with decisional authority within its purview, and with each of the subcommittee chairs also serving on the broader Special Events Committee to ensure optimal collaboration and consistency in message and approach:

  • Commencement
  • Faculty/Staff Institute
  • Founders’ Day
  • Ham and Eggs
  • Homecoming
  • Honors Convocation
  • John W. Davison Lecture Series
  • Scholarship Luncheon
  • Commencement Committee

The responsibilities of the Commencement Committee include the handling of all logistics relative to commencement; selection and training of student, faculty, and administrative marshals and ushers; production, review, editing, and distribution of commencement programs; arranging publicity for commencement; and planning commencement receptions.

Mr. Bobby Dickie, Chair
Mr. John Cagnina Dr. Bridget Moss-Holyfield
Mr. Desmond Williams Dr. Rebecca McMullen
Mr. Wallace Keese Ms. Juone Brown
Mr. Edward Boston Mr. Cedric Mobley
Dr. Romelda Simmons Mr. Ronnie Scott
Director of Choir Mr. Oliver Walton
Mr. Donald Moore Ms. Sharee’ Lawrence
Mr. Joe Thomas Ms. Idalis Forte*
Mr. Ken Morgan Mr. Donald Moore (ex-officio)
Dr. James Brown Dr. Ramon Stuart (ex-officio)

Faculty/Staff Institute

The responsibility of this Committee is to plan and execute the activities and logistics related to the Annual Faculty/Staff Institute.

Dr. Washella Simmons and Ms. Carole Clerie, Co-chairs
Ms. Malinda Nicholson Ms. Latasha Pope
Ms. LuWanna Williams Ms. Juone Brown
Ms. Traci Williams Ms. Amanda Glover
Ms. Allison Thomas Mr. Cedric Mobley
Mr. Edward Boston Ms. Denise Ezell
Dr. Archie Williams Mr. Ashley Ballard
Dr. Michelle Drew Ms. Danyell Barry

Founders’ Day Committee

This Committee is responsible for planning the annual convocation and activities devoted to pay homage to the Founders and early leaders of the institution.

Dr. Berlethia Pitts, Chair
Dr. George McCommon Mr. Donald Moore
Mr. Leonard Giles Dr. Romelda Simmons
Mr. Adonis Stanley Ms. Patricia Barrett
Ms. Juone Brown Ms. Betty Rogers
Mr. Ashley Ballard Mr. Cedric Mobley

Ham and Eggs Committee

The Ham and Egg Legislative Breakfast at Fort Valley State University has a rich history. The earlier version of the event was known as the Ham and Egg Show, which began in 1916 by Mr. Otis O’Neal, a Houston County Extension Agent. During its 1916 to 1965 run, the show concluded with auctioning of the prize-winning hams and eggs. The current Ham and Egg Legislative Breakfast was initiated in 1982 by Dr. Glenwood Hill, then Program Leader for Agricultural and Natural Resources, under the leadership of Dr. Fred Harrison, Jr., then Extension Administrator. Since then, the event has offered an opportunity for the legislators to inform the citizens on actions taken by the House and Senate that can influence their lives, and for the citizens to interact with the lawmakers and leaders in an informal setting.

Ms. Joy Molten-Thomas, Chair
Ms. Marquinta Gonzalez Ms. Shavonda Hill
Ms. Patty Bentley Mr. Gregg Ziesenhene
Mr. Robert Dickey Mr. John Kennedy
Mr. Andrew Ross Mr. Marc Thomas
Mr. Donavon Head Mr. Charles Jones

Homecoming Committee

Responsibility for organizing, planning, and directing the annual homecoming activities and festivities rests with this body. The Committee must coordinate its plans with the Department of Athletics and the National Alumni Association. It should endeavor to be innovative and creative, yet retain desirable traditions. In addition, the Committee should stimulate enthusiasm and encourage the participation of all segments of the University family and community.

Mr. Ed Boston, Chair
Ms. Taylor Redwine* Mr. Cedric Mobley
Dr. Rebecca McMullen Ms. Ruth Sanabria*
Mr. Wallace Keese Mr. Trey Burks*
Dr. Jacques Surrency Ms. Niae Tibbs*
Dr. Dwayne Daniels Mr. Ashley Ballard
Dr. Alfrieda Manson Dr. Chanta Haywood (ex-officio)
Ms. Juone Brown Mr. Jesse Kane (ex-officio)

Honors Convocation

This Committee helps organize and execute the annual Honors Convocation held each spring to honor the students who excel in the classroom.

Dr. Celia Dodd, Chair
Dr. Ramana Gosukonda Dr. Andrew Lee
Dr. Elizabeth Hamilton Dr. Govind Kannan
Dr. Greg Green Ms. Shelisha Williams
Dr. Meigan Fields Mr. Jesse Kane (ex-officio)

John W. Davison Lecture Series

The John W. Davison Lectures Series Committee is dedicated to bringing excellent programming to the university and surrounding community that extend beyond the normal array of educational programs offered.

Mr. Charles Jones, Chair
Mr. Jaron Lucas Mr. Cedric Mobley
Dr. Awad Eldurssi Ms. Idalis Forte*
Mr. Bobby Dickey Mr. Brian Byrd
Ms. Latasha Pope Ms. Barbara Palmer
Dr. Isaac Crumbly

Scholarship Luncheon Committee

This Committee plans the scholarship luncheon during which faculty, staff, and community members come together to celebrate the raising of funds to support scholarships for deserving students. The Committee assists with fundraising outreach efforts related to the annual luncheon, planning the luncheon event, and accounting for the proceeds raised by this initiative.

Ms. Kristie Kenney, Chair
Commencement Committee Chair Mr. Cedric Mobley
Dr. Isaac Crumbly Ms. Donneea Campbell*
Mr. Donald Moore Ms. Elsie Ridley
Dr. Xuanli Liu Mr. Charles Jones
Ms. Rosie Petties Mr. Travis Bowen
Mr. George Williams Mr. Oliver Walton
Ms. Juone Brown Mr. Anthony Holloman (ex-officio)

University Enhancement Committee

The University Enhancement Committee (UEC) is responsible for the planning and execution of marketing, communications, fundraising, and stewardship initiatives. The UEC will collaborate with university-wide stakeholders to help advance their individual and collective needs to bring positive attention to their departments and programs, as well as financial resources to benefit the programs and the students they serve. Serving on the UEC are:

Mr. Anthony Holloman, Chair
Dr. Romelda Simmons Dr. Rebecca McMullen
Dr. Isaac Crumbly Dr. Daryl Pope
Mr. Charles Jones Communications Committee Chair
Mr. Cedric Mobley Development Committee Chair
Dr. Govind Kannan Director of Civic Engagement, Leadership and Professional
Dr. Josephine Davis Development*

The UEC is divided into the following subcommittees, each with decisional authority within its purview, and with each of the subcommittee chairs also serving on the broader University Advancement Committee to ensure optimal collaboration and consistency in message and approach:

  • Communications
  • Development

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee will examine strategies to use internal and external messaging, branding, competitive intelligence, and audience engagement to further the mission of the university through its contemporary priorities.

Mr. Cedric Mobley, Chair
Mr. Chad Hebner Ms. Juone Brown
Mr. Wallace Keese Ms. Latasha Pope
Ms. Calandra Wright Mr. Shonda Lewis
Mr. Edward Boston Mr. Octavious Edwards
Dr. Daryl Pope Development Coordinator**
Dr. Ajit Mahapatra Mr. Jesse Kane

Development Committee

Making recommendations and rendering assistance to the University Advancement Office are major responsibilities of this Committee. More specifically, the Committee will develop ideas for raising funds essential for continuous institutional growth; act as liaison with alumni groups, foundations, corporations, business and industry, friends, parents, and other community groups; and act as liaison with state, federal, and municipal agencies.

Mr. Anthony Holloman, Chair
Dr. Daryl Pope Dr. Mark Latimore Jr.
Dr. Govind Kannan Dr. Iheanyichukwu Osondu
Dr. Josephine Davis Dr. Jessica Jefferson
Dr. Rebecca McMullen Mr. Woodie Hughes
Dr. Isaac Crumbly Mr. Gabriel Copeland*

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