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The primary mission of the Testing Services Center is to support the testing needs of the university and the surrounding communities. The Center strives to create a testing environment that is conducive to the best test performance for each examinee. The Center administers a variety of institutional, state and national standardized examinations throughout the academic year. The Center also makes tests and test preparatory information accessible to members of the university and the public at large.

FVSU Testing Center Policies

Ensure Exam Integrity: FVSU Testing Services Center will insure exam integrity by:

  • Having impartial, responsible, adult proctors monitor exam progress
  • Validating student identity through government issued photo ID; ex. Driver’s License, School ID, or Military ID
  • Having an environment conducive to the proctoring experience.
  • Preventing student access to any electronic devices or websites other than the exam that is being proctored in the proctoring environment. This includes prohibiting access to:
  • Cell phones, Smart Watches, Google Glasses or any other electronic mobile devices.
  • eReaders, Bluetooth Calculators, or electronic dictionaries.
  • Any website; such as Google, Ask.com, FlashCard.net, etc.
  • Any applications other than the web browser to access the exam
  • Any other content other than the exam being proctored.
  • Not allowing students to access any other applications on exam computers
  • Confirming the exam is submitted and closed for the student to end testing.
  • Confirming no exam information leaves the proctored environment.
  • At close of the testing period: Report all incidents to eCore, Instructors, Mark No Shows, Mark Completions, and review and clear all testing computers.
  • Ensure Student Opportunity:

  • Post FVSU Testing Services Center policies to students in Smarter Proctoring and/or Register Blast, and at the FVSU Testing Service Center check in.
  • Students should be allowed to bring any “Allowed Materials”, unless it violates prohibited items. “Allowed Materials” is provided through Register Blast, Smarter Proctoring or the Instructor. If any concerns arise, contact Testing or your Instructor for clarification.
  • Students will be allowed to use the full time limit of their exam. This ranges from 45 to 120 minutes in general, but also includes double time for accommodated students. Time limits are provided through Register Blast or Smarter Proctoring. Students have time limits set in their exam, so there is no need to track student time.
  • Students will be allowed to complete their exam. If during the course of a student’s exam possible academic dishonesty is observed. The student WILL NOT be confronted. The student will be allowed to complete the exam and leave, then an incident report will be filed to eCore or the Instructor. This is for the safety of other students. It also prevents any disruptions to other students. If the student has become disruptive, FVSU Security will be notified and the student will be removed from the testing environment.
  • FVSU Testing Services Recommended Best Practices

  • Best practices are recommendation to improve testing experiences for students and FVSU Testing Center, but are not required by eCore.
  • By creating an Informed Welcoming Environment: Exams are stressful experiences for all parties (proctors, students, instructor, etc). By creating an environment to reduce other stressors, it improves the experience for all. This includes:
  • Share FVSU Testing Services Center polices with all parties.
  • Having good signage to direct students.
  • Having accommodations for issues to prevent distractions of other testers.
  • Limiting noise and excitement for student preparing for the exam
  • Having a location where students can arrive early to study or prep.
  • Having local hygiene policy (ie. Bathroom Policy). FVSU Testing does not determine if a student can use the bathroom during the exam. That is at the discretion of the student to maintain academic integrity while being understanding to the medical needs of our students.
  • Creating a Student Centered Adaptive Schedule: FVSU students are often non-traditional. Many work full time or have other obligations. Being flexible by providing drop-in testing (same day registration) helps to provide greater service to those students.
  • All students are encouraged to register take their exam during their exam window. The student will need to be in contact with their instructor to arrange for late exams.
  • By using the “Student Centered” Option in Register Blast. This allows student to register for any time during a time window at 15 minute intervals, as long as a seats available. This option can also help increase capacity and seat turnover efficiency.
  • Register Blast and Smarter Proctoring provides student emails, reaching out to students for the following:
  • Before exams as reminder of FVSU Testing Center policies.
  • After exams to students who completed for surveys to encourage repeat business.
  • After exams to students who missed to support makeup or late exam reschedules.
  • Regents Test

    Fort Valley State University received approval for Regents’ Test exemption on February 15, 2012. Consequently, satisfaction of the Regents of the Regents’ Test requirement is no longer required for graduation. However, students who were enrolled in Regents’ Test prep classes ( RGTR 0198, RGTE 0199, ENGL 1107, ENGL 1108 ) Spring Semester 2012 must successfully satisfy course requirement before graduation. Students who received an unsatisfactory grade in the aforementioned Regents’ Test prep classes must repeat the course (s) until they successfully satisfy the requirements.

    Tutorials Services

    Fort Valley State University offers tutorial assistance to all enrolled students. Students in need of academic assistance should contact the following service providers:

    Math Lab (Mathematics)
    Mrs. Jocelyn Neal
    Room 219 Peabody Building
    (478) 822-1325
    Win Lab (Writing/English)
    Ms. Dorothy Hardman
    Room 203, Miller Building.
    (478) 825-6682
    Reading Lab (Reading)
    Mrs. Annis Strange
    Room 201, Miller Building.
    (478) 825-6121

    Independent Study & Proctor Services

    The Testing Services Center offers proctor services to individuals enrolled in Independent Study courses or courses at another institution. Proctor services are available for both computer-based and paper-based examinations.

    Individuals are responsible for making all necessary arrangements with their institution for the delivery of all test materials in advance of the scheduled test administration date. Individuals must call the Testing Services Center for an appointment in advance of the targeted test date. Proctor services will be offered on a daily basis Monday through Friday, with check-ins at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Proctor service fee is $20 per examination for all non-FVSU students. The fee also applies to Fort Valley State University’s students who are enrolled in courses offered at another institution. Payment of fees is accepted in the form of cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

    The Testing Services Center is located in the Peabody Building, room 118. The Testing Services Center can be reached at (478) 825-6384 or 6385. Our office hours are 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. Please note that electronic devices are not permitted in the testing facility.

    Test with the Best

    General Information

    Mailing Address:
    Fort Valley State University
    Testing Services Center
    P. O. Box 5605
    Fort Valley, GA 31030

    Physical Address:
    Testing Service Center
    Suite 215, Peabody Building

    Phone Numbers:
    (478) 825-6384
    (478) 825-6385
    (478) 825-6357 (Fax)

    General Office Hours:
    8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday

    Ms. Heidi Gregg
    Testing Coordinator
    Peabody #118

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