Rehabilitation Counseling and Case Management Graduate Program

Master of Science (Online)

Rehabilitation counseling is the field concerned with helping people employ the attitudes, mental discipline, and behavior needed to overcome injuries, illness, and disabilities.

The mission of the Rehabilitation Counseling and Case Management program is to prepare students to be ethical, multi-culturally competent, conscientious, and qualified rehabilitation counselors and professionals who will increase and enhance the employment, advocacy, social, educational, and independent living opportunities of individuals of all disability types. Our mission will be accomplished by several implementation and programmatic objectives, goals, and activities. Implementation objectives are prerequisites for program objectives. Graduates of the program have the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes in order to work effectively with individuals who have physical, mental, or emotional disabilities. The goal of the program is to assist individuals with disabilities to achieve, to the fullest capacity, vocational, social, psychological and economic independence, and improved quality of life. The vigor of the program is one of both autonomy and empowerment in which individuals with disabilities exercise the utmost control over their lives.

The graduate training model utilized within the Rehabilitation Counselor Training Program will assist students to acquire a thorough understanding of the medical and psychosocial impact of disability on all areas of the consumer’s life, including vocational and independent living, as well as provide the student with a solid skill and knowledge base in counseling theories and techniques, case management models and procedures, service coordination, career exploration, job development, job placement, and assistive technology. Further, students will become familiar with the historical components and the various legislative and philosophical underpinnings of the Vocational Rehabilitation System. Graduates of the Rehabilitation Counseling and Case Management program are eligible to sit for the national certifying exam in order to obtain the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) credential. Eligibility also exists to pursue state licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) (with 2 years of experience in the field).

The program is administered through the Graduate Studies Department and the College of Education.