2nd President

Dr. Cornelius V. Troup

Later in 1945, Dr. Cornelius V. Troup was appointed the second president. Under Troup, FVSC began offering graduate courses. Students could obtain master’s degrees in education, home economics and agriculture by 1945. The Georgia Board of Regents, responding to a study in 1947, that called for a reorganization of the system’s three HBCUs, adopted a resolution to make Fort Valley the state’s 1890 Land-Grant College for Negroes, transferring the title from Georgia State College which later became Savannah State University. Schools with that designation offered an abridged liberal arts curriculum and placed greater emphasis on teaching agricultural techniques and home economic skills to Black students. The resolution was approved by the Georgia General Assembly in 1949.

On June 30, 1966, Troup retired as president.