Receipt and Acknowledgement of Employee Handbook

The Classified Staff Employee Handbook has been updated.  Our employee handbook is an important document intended to give you important information regarding your employment with Fort Valley State University and the University’s policies and employee benefits.

Due to basic trends, legislation and economic conditions always changing, the contents of the employee handbook may be changed at any time at the University’s discretion. No changes in any benefit, policy or rule will be made without due consideration of the mutual advantages, disadvantages, benefits and responsibilities such changes will have employees and on the University.

Please read the following statement and sign below to indicate your acknowledgement of the electronic version of the handbook.

  • I received directions to access the electronic version of the FVSU Employee Handbook. I understand that the policies, rules and benefits described in it are subject to change at the sole discretion of Fort Valley State University at any time. I understand that this Handbook replaces (supersedes) all other previous handbooks for FVSU as of April 21st, 2016.
  • I understand that I should consult the Office of Human Resources if I have any questions regarding my handbook.
  • I understand that no contract of employment other than “at will” has been expressed or implied, and that no circumstances arising out of my employment will alter my “at will” employment relationship unless expressed in writing, with the understanding specifically set forth in a contract and signed by myself and the President of FVSU.
  • I am aware that during the course of my employment confidential information may become available to me. I understand that this information must not be given out or used outside of my employment with FVSU.
  • I understand that, should the content in this Handbook be changed in any way, Fort Valley State University will notify me of such changes.
  • I understand that my signature below indicates that I have read and understand the above statements and have received directions to access a copy of the FVSU Employee Handbook.

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