HBCU Summit

You’re Invited to FVSU’s Fifth Annual Student Diversity Conference!

How can educators help to reduce the loss of STEM talent while also increasing the success of students from underrepresented groups in to the STEM pipeline?

Raising the TIDES conference will help empower pre-service educators to investigate and implement advanced teaching strategies that are evidence-based and culturally competent for their prospective classrooms.

This conference will discuss a framework for achieving inclusive excellence in STEM.

Strand 1
Ready, Set, Science Understanding Scientific Explanations: Sessions that examine the facts, concepts, principles, and laws as it relates to best practices and pedagogy in STEM.

Strand 2
Vision and Change in Teacher Preparation: How to become more scientifically literate. These sessions should assist candidates in understanding the overarching core concepts for effective teaching of STEM for 21st century students.

Strand 3
Practice, Learning and Competence: These sessions can be targeted sessions that will provide candidates with ingredients for success for helping underrepresented students acquire academic, social and personal success. This strand is open for presenter to make correlations to the conference theme that can be utilized by pre-service educators and the needs of the profession.

Please register below. For more details, call the College of Education, (478) 825-6365.