Computer and Technology

Social Networking: How to Make Money Using Social Media

Participants will learn about the different strategies involved in using social media to supplement their income. This includes using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to their maximum potential.

Instructor: Paul Small

Fee: $99, bring a flash drive

Call for more information.

Creating Your Own Website

Students will learn basic and inexpensive techniques on how to develop a website. Several different approaches will be utilized during the course.

Instructor: Paul Smal

Fee: $125, bring a flash drive

Call for more information.

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This course is designed to provide the fundamental computer competencies you need to survive and prosper in today’s fast-changing workplace. You will learn how to navigate modern office software to work faster and more efficiently. We’ll focus on practical application for software most common to the workplace. When you finish this course, you will have learned why employers consider technological literacy so critical to the success of any organization.

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