Know More Borrow Less

Know More, Borrow Less

In the Fall of 2018, University System of Georgia Chancellor, Steve Wrigley, launched an initiative to ensure students are aware of their student loan debt.  The KMBL initiative supports the USG’s three primary objectives:  graduate more students, be more affordable, and be more efficient.  This initiative is designed to reduce barriers to aid, improve students’ understanding of borrowing, and reduce student debt.

To support this initiative, a “debt letter” will be electronically sent in a mobile-friendly format to every enrolled student who currently has student loan debt resulting from federal or state loan programs, or private lender borrowing.

Students will receive an email providing them a link to a personalized letter containing specific information on monthly payments based on their current loan amounts.  Each academic year, students will receive a debt letter, updating them on their cumulative student loan debt. The Office of Financial Aid will have analytics to review the open rate of these messages to ensure students are receiving the information.

This notification will be sent to students every spring that they are enrolled at FVSU.