Writing/Reading Skills Test: This test is offered during Graduate Studies Orientation, FVSU 0500, and may be repeated. Writing/reading proficiency is required.

Responsible Conduct of Research: All graduates are required to pass a test on Responsible Conduct of Research based on the first part of the training module provided in FVSU 0500 Graduate Orientation. Students working in laboratories will be required to pass tests on additional modules.

Comprehensive Examination

Comprehensive Examination for graduate students majoring in Mental Health Counseling, Middle Grades Education, School Counselor Education,  and Rehabilitation Counseling and Case Management:

All degree-seeking graduate students in the above majors are required to take and successfully pass a final written comprehensive examination.

Written Examination – A candidate for graduation shall be expected to demonstrate the ability to utilize the knowledge and skills that have been acquired to meet situations in the area of specialization. A student will not be allowed to sit for the comprehensive examination if any of the following prerequisites have not been met:

  • up-to-date course work in the master’s degree program;
  • completion of required courses;,
  • grade-point average of 3.00 or better;,
  • removal of “I” (incomplete) grades;,
  • writing/reading proficiency requirement, or completed writing sample;
  • admission to candidacy.

The candidate will be allowed a total of three attempts for the comprehensive examination. A candidate who does not pass after three attempts will be dismissed from the given master’s degree program.

No candidate for the master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, Middle Grades Education, Early Childhood/Special Education, School Counselor Education or Rehabilitation Counseling and Case Management, or the specialist degree in School Counselor Education shall be exempted from the required comprehensive examination.

If the comprehensive is failed three times in a degree program, the student will not be allowed to graduate. Students should be aware of this policy at the time of application.

A candidate whose performance is judged failing may ask the graduate department head or Graduate Dean for a review of his/her exam paper. Such a review, conducted by a faculty member in the candidate’s field, will be limited to identifying weaknesses in the candidate’s performance that led to the failing results, to improve performance at the next or some future administration. The Comprehensive Examination will not be re-administered to the same candidate during the same semester.

Degree candidates are required to be enrolled students at the time of completion of their degree requirements. Students who fail the Comprehensive Examination should, therefore, enroll in Independent Study, usually (EDUC 5981), to maintain their enrolled status in the semester in which they are to take the Comprehensive Examination.

Note: No student will be allowed to sit for the comprehensive examination in a field to which the student has not been officially admitted to candidacy.