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The Cooperative Extension Housing Program focuses on helping Georgians obtain and maintain safe, sanitary and affordable housing.

Programming areas include:


The Home Grown homebuyer education classes are designed to help consumers gain the knowledge they need to become successful homeowners. This includes ensuring that participants have an understanding of the home buying process, mortgages, financial management, how to prevent foreclosure and default, and knowing the professionals involved in the process. The program also includes a component on maintaining a safe, clean and healthy home environment.

Under One Roof

The Under One Roof annual housing conference provides local government officials, public housing authority professionals, non-profit organizations and developers with the needed information to learn how to utilize various state and federal resources to make a difference in the state’s current housing conditions. Through a variety of well known speakers, exhibits and workshops, participants learn firsthand about financial and technical resources that are available to assist them.


The Securing Money Assets and Resources Through Training (SMARTT) Program is an educational program designed to meet the financial literacy needs of Georgians. The SMARTT Program offers specialized instruction to individuals on the application of money management skills and strategies. The program is designed to assist individuals establish healthy banking relationships, begin building assets and secure a better future for themselves and their families. The program curriculum includes:

  • Budgeting-financial decision-making, current spending patterns, developing a “realistic” budget, reasons for budgeting.
  • Credit Repair-understanding your credit report and score, factors affecting credit score, re-establishing credit, forms of credit.
  • Understanding loans-costs associated with loans, the interest rate affect, comparing loan offers.
  • Debt reduction-making power payments, money actions plans, savings and investment, long and short-term goal setting.

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