Zero Tolerance Sexual Assault Policy

The university is committed to combating crimes of sexual assault both on and off campus. Our concentration in this matter is focused on prevention targeted at every member of the Fort Valley State University community. There are programs established which include seminars, workshops, group and individualized counseling services. Additionally, there is a wide distribution of materials which focus on information about rape, acquaintance rape, incest and sexual harassment.

The Academic Success Center, the Office of Student Affairs and the Department of Campus Police and Safety are all charged with providing services related to sexual assault prevention and reporting. Information can be obtained by contacting any of the three offices. Remember: if it feels wrong, looks wrong or seems to be wrong, then it probably is wrong.

In the event a member of the university community is the victim of a sexual assault on or off campus, it is the policy of the university to:

  • encourage prompt reporting to both campus authorities and local police,
  • refer victims for appropriate medical treatment,
  • provide initial post-incident counseling services and,
  • make referrals to community-based victim witness assistance services.

In the event of alleged on-campus sexual assault either forcible or non-forcible, all members of the university community are directed to immediately notify campus police and file an official report.

More information regarding Sexual Assault can be obtained in the CRIME AWARENESS AND CAMPUS SECURITY ACT INFORMATION BROCHURE, which is located at the Department of Campus Police and Safety in Bywaters Building.