Harriet Bartfield Black Society

This is my University – This is my Promise

The Harriet Barfield Black Society (HBBS) is a distinct Fort Valley State University Alumni group. It is named in honor of Mrs. Harriet Barfield Black, the first person to receive a degree from Fort Valley State College in 1941 and a major financial supporter for more than 15 consecutive years. The HBBS is open to all alumni concerned about the future and well being of their alma mater and who desire to demonstrate their appreciation for their university over time. To join the HBBS, alumni are asked to promise to make a gift of some amount each and every year. It is that easy!

The Harriet Barfield Black Society:

A: There are three main reasons why a lifetime annual giving promise is so important. First, Fort Valley State University is healthy and vibrant for students today because many alumni made the lifetime commitment to serve and give back. The Office of Alumni Affairs wants to honor and increase the numbers of alumni that participate in a lifelong connectedness. Harriet Black herself is a role model for alumni doing what they can for this great institution.
Second, by making a gift each and every year, you instantly help present-day Fort Valley State University students with needed scholarship assistance and provide support in important areas that impact all students.
Finally, your annual gifts help keep Fort Valley State University strong into the future. Your promise to make a gift each and every year allows your alma mater to make plans and advance for years to come.

A: Alumni giving percentage is the percentage of all Fort Valley State University alumni that make a gift of any size to the university in any year. The university has a goal of 50% alumni giving percentage – or half of all alumni making a gift to FVSU.

A: There is no minimum amount! Every gift, no matter the amount, counts to increase the university’s national reputation.

A: When the university’s alumni giving percentage increases, the ranking services that help enhance the university’s national reputation will rate the university higher. In essence, your annual gift to FVSU – no matter the size – is your way to ensure that your diploma will increase in value over time. As the university’s reputation grows, so does the value of your diploma.

A: As a HBBS member, you will become eligible for Promise Awards. As you keep your promise and make a gift each year, you will receive special Promise Awards at years 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, and 50. You will receive recognition in the president’s report each year, and your gifts will receive special recognition as having come from a Harriet Barfield Black Society member.

  1. the Fort Valley State University liberal arts and land-grant tradition,
  2. the university’s diversified and challenging programs designed to meet educational needs of a diverse student body,
  3. the importance of alumni to the life and health of the university,
  4. the concept of giving back to enhance the Fort Valley State University experience for future students, and
  5. the continued appreciation of the Fort Valley State University diploma,

The Harriet Barfield Black Society was formed.

In support of these values, Harriet Barfield Black Society members make the solemn promise of an annual and ongoing charitable commitment to our university with the aim of increasing the alumni giving percentage and the total amount of support generated by alumni.
The first members of the Harriet Black Society were installed at the Hunt-Bond-Troup Gala, during homecoming 2008.

To join the Harriet Black Society, download and complete the HBBS Promise form, and mail to:

Office of Career and Alumni Services
Fort Valley State University
1005 State University Drive
Fort Valley, GA 31030

If you have further questions about the Harriet Bartfield Black Society, please contact the Office of Career and Alumni Services at (478) 825-6347 or braswellc@fvsu.edu.