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Message from the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies

Welcome to Graduate Studies at Fort Valley State University. FVSU’s history spans more than 127 years and our graduate programs have played an integral role in the institution’s transformation into an international academic and research powerhouse committed to academic excellence, inclusiveness to a broad demographic, and maximum societal impact. Fort Valley State University’s Graduate Studies is dedicated to enriching and advancing the graduate school experience for all students. The institution is also committed to building a student-centered culture with a mandate for inclusion and innovation.

The Graduate Studies office is committed to providing opportunities for individuals to advance their knowledge and skills and pursue impactful scholarly activities. The division supports high-quality graduate education, fosters intellectual development, and facilitates excellence in research and creative activities. The Graduate Studies Office houses all graduate degrees and the Office of Institutional Research and Projects.

The extraordinary innovations produced at FVSU are fueled by the quality of our programs, the diversity of our ideas, the social embeddedness of our work, and the intellectual assets of our graduate student population representing more than 50 nations and myriad backgrounds.

Our mission is to provide quality post-baccalaureate programs, maintain high academic standards for graduate courses and degree programs, and contribute to the prosperity and welfare of the middle Georgia region, the State of Georgia, and globally. We consider qualified applicants for admissions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, pregnancy, genetic information, medical condition, marital status, veteran status, or disability.

The University is committed to creating an education and working environment free from discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. This includes reporting crime and fire safety information, Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act and Campus Fire Safety Right-To-Know Act. Graduate Studies serves as the admissions office for all graduate students on campus. Staff reviews graduate applications, receives application fees and transcripts, enters graduate student information into the student record system, and coordinates the distribution of application forms and information. Graduate Studies also serves as a resource for graduate and research assistantships, scholarships, and grants.

Our graduate students and scholars become lifelong learners and lifelong teachers who create inter- and trans-disciplinary knowledge on issues of social significance, build career pathways from the moment they enroll in programs and take advantage of our innovative mentoring and professional development programs. FVSU also offers a plethora of apprenticeship opportunities with world-class faculty, state-of-the-art research, and ongoing enrichment and professional development programming. At FVSU, we understand that in today’s knowledge-driven world, it is critical that scholars make their work usable and accessible beyond traditional academic disciplines. Our knowledge mobilization framework explores concepts, skills and practices that move research from the page into action, enriching current practice, policy, and social discourse in the process. FVSU has a remarkable impact on professional trajectories. Most FVSU master’s students who looked for a job received at least one offer within a noticeably brief time after graduating. The Graduate College is here to help drive progress and ensure your success every step of the way. We encourage interested applicants to review our web page carefully and consider selecting a graduate program where they could become an important part of our community of learners. Finally, the faculty and staff of FVSU are confident that you will thrive at our institution, the new sustainable development university of the 21st century. 


We look forward to welcoming you soon. Best regards.


Headshot of Vice Provost of Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Robert Dibie

Dr. Robert Dibie
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and
Dean of Graduate Studies



Graduate Student Success

Graduate studies at Fort Valley State University are meaningful ways to expand your expertise in a field in which you have a learning passion. Through Master of Science, Master of Public Health (MPH), Master of Science in Education (M.Ed.), Master of Social Work (MSW), and specialist degrees, you will deeply enhance your understanding of subject matter, grow your knowledge of contemporary issues facing your field, and move toward being a thought leader, researcher, and innovator in the areas you specialize in. At the same time, you will gain new appreciation for thoroughness and diligence as our faculty help you raise your standards and expectations for your own performance. In addition, you will develop lifelong bonds with faculty who, while among the most experienced in their fields, will become your mentors and invite you into their own network of professional peers.

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