Agriculture Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Science Degree

The agriculture engineering technology major explores how science can be used to build structures and machines and program computers and other devices to enhance the life cycle of plants and animals and increase their utility to humans. Faculty train students to apply scientific, engineering, and management knowledge toward the solutions of problems associated with sustaining and improving agricultural systems. Instruction also focuses on developing good communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and use of computer information technology.

Career opportunities are provided in natural resource conservation, production management, technical sales and service, quality assurance, material and product testing, and manufacturing technology. Upon graduation, students are prepared for graduate study in agricultural engineering technology and management, biological systems engineering, biomedical engineering, and medical school. Many pursue work or further study in biomedical engineering, computer programming, design, energy, environmental consulting, plant operations, farm management, network engineering, quality control, systems design, and water management.

Students at FVSU can earn a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in agriculture engineering technology.

They can concentrate their studies in food and nutrition or infant and child development.

The program is administered through the Department of Engineering Technology in the College of Agriculture, Family Sciences, and Technology.