FVSU Signs Transfer Student Articulation Agreement With Valdosta's Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

Posted on Sep 23, 2019

Students in South Georgia now have more opportunity to expand their education and earn a bachelor's degree, thanks to a new partnership between Wiregrass Georgia Technical College in Valdosta, Georgia and Fort Valley State University in Fort Valley, Georgia. The partnership paves the way for students who earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in General Studies at Wiregrass Technical College to have up to 18 semester hours transferred to FVSU and count towards the completion of a bachelor's degree here. The two institutions recently signed a formal articulation agreement which identifies which courses will transfer from Wiregrass to FVSU.

"It's special when the technical college system and the university system come together for the benefit of students," said Dr. Paul Jones, president of Fort Valley State University. "This gives us an opportunity to extend a pathway forward for students throughout our state"” from South Georgia and beyond. Making this a more seamless partner will allow them to navigate in an extraordinary way."

"As stewards of the state's resources, we can make it so that students have a path to get a bachelor's degree with no duplication," said Dr. Tina K. Anderson, president of Wiregrass Georgia Technical College. "This helps take barriers away and makes opportunities for students in the state of Georgia."

Wiregrass students transferring into FVSU must successfully meet the requirements for admission and have earned a "C" grade or better in transferable courses. More information about transferring into FVSU can be found here.

Articulation Agreement Signing FVSU and WGTC At the FVSU/Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Articulation Agreement Signing Ceremony are (l to r) Dr. Daniel Blakenship, Wiregrass Georgia Technical College (WGTC) Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Shawn Utley, WGTC President Tina Anderson, FVSU President Paul Jones, FVSU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs T. Ramon Stuart, FVSU College of Education and Professional Studies Dean Rebecca McMullen, and FVSU College of Arts and Sciences Dean Gregory Ford

"I believe we can take students from where they are and help them go to places they never dreamed of going," said Dr. T. Ramon Stuart, FVSU provost and vice president for academic affairs. "I think that we provide a great opportunity for [Wiregrass] students to be further transformed. We now have an official pipeline."

The agreement opens up a new avenue for Wiregrass students to reach their academic goals and earn a credential which will launch them into the careers they desire. This will accelerate career progression for many students.

"We have a lot of students who need an education path to a degree for leadership positions and job promotions," said Dr. Shawn Utley, executive vice president for academic affairs at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College.

More information about the articulation agreement can be found here.

Main image caption: Dr. Tina K. Anderson, president of Wiregrass Georgia Technical College (left) and Dr. Paul Jones, president of Fort Valley State University (right) exchange agreements during the signing ceremony.

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