Wildcat Book Bundle

What is the Wildcat Book Bundle?

The Wildcat Book Bundle provides students access to the required digital course materials at the start of each semester. The Wildcat Book Bundle allows our campus to reduce student course materials costs compared to traditional print text and ensures every student can access their course materials on or before the first day of class. Students can focus on their education instead of figuring out how to find and pay out-of-pocket for their course materials.

How Does It Work?

Through the Wildcat Book Bundle, the price of required digital course materials is charged as part of a course fee.
Fort Valley State University has two objectives with the Wildcat Book Bundle: (1) Reduce the overall cost of course materials, saving students money, and (2) ensure students have access to course materials when classes start, improving student success. 

How Do I Participate?

All students enrolled in participating classes are initially included in the program; however, students may opt out of the program during the opt-out periods each semester. Students may opt-out during the scheduled opt-out period for each Fall, Spring, and Summer semester. Additional opt-out details can be found in the FAQs below.

Smarter. Easier. Cheaper.  

Welcome to a new age of learning at Fort Valley State University. 

Program Benefits

  • Predictable pricing removes the surprise, of course, materials cost each semester. 
  • 20-80% savings vs. the cost of new print materials
  • Deferred student billing - included in tuition
  • Convenient access to digital course materials on the first day of class, right in D2L
  • Faculty choose the content and maintain complete academic freedom to choose what is required for success in their course
  • Supports Open Educational Resources, Affordability, and Sustainability goals and initiatives on campus


Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I know if I am included in the Wildcat Book Bundle program?

All students enrolled in participating classes are initially included in the Wildcat Book Bundle. Students who would like to review the option to opt out of the program, please review the FAQ titled “Is the program required or can I Opt-Out of the program?”

How does the program work?
Wildcat Book Bundle takes the hassle out of getting your digital course materials for participating courses because costs are covered as part of the charges on your school statement. This allows students enrolled in participating classes access to required digital materials on or before the first day of class. Digital materials will be delivered to you through D2L. 

How much does Wildcat Book Bundle cost?
Wildcat Book Bundle cost varies. The cost is based on the classes that are registered for. The cost of materials is included in tuition. 

How do I pay for course materials included in Wildcat Book Bundle?
The cost of materials is included in tuition. Your calculated tuition and fees can be accessed on the Student Account Suite.

How often are materials supplied?
Required digital materials are supplied at the beginning of each semester. The materials will be accessible on or before the first day of class. Please continue to check your school email before the start of each semester.

Will I save money?
Yes! Students can save up to 20% or 80% based on savings at other schools and thanks to the campus store relationships with publishing partners and bulk purchasing power. The program also reduces student stress during the purchasing process and provides a method to easily access digital course materials.

Is the Wildcat Book Bundle required, or can I Opt-Out of the program?
No, it is not required. Students may choose to opt out of the Wildcat Book Bundle by course. Students wishing to opt out must do so by the dates given at the beginning of each semester. 

Students who opt out of Wildcat Book Bundle are responsible for finding and purchasing their required course materials on their own. All materials will be available at the campus bookstore, where you can pick from different formats and pricing options.

Please check your school email address for information on how to login to the Opt-Out Portal and review the process and specific deadlines. The email will come from noreply@follett.com; you may need to check spam or junk folders.

For all other questions, contact Marissa Boyd, bookstore manager, at 0605mgr@follet.com or 478-825-6623.

What are the Opt-Out dates for this academic year? 
Fall Semester 2023: August 22  

What if I opted out by mistake or changed my mind?
If you already opted out and the opt-out period has not ended, you can opt back in during that period of time. Please log back into the opt-out portal and choose “Opt-In.” 

How do I get my course materials?
Once you have selected your courses, you will be provided a digital bookshelf. E-books and courseware will be delivered to you through D2L.

What type of materials will I receive? 
The Wildcat Book Bundle is a digital-only program.  

Can I choose if I want print or digital materials?
Print or digital format is based on the adopted material for the specific course prior to the start of class. As a student, if you have a preferred format (print or digital) for textbooks, you should first check with your professor to see what format has been chosen for the course. If it is a digital version, you can contact the campus bookstore for available print options. 

If you are a student with a disability requiring print versions or other accommodations, please contact the FVSU Office of Access and Accommodations at 478-822-1072 for assistance.

What if I add or drop a course?
If you add or drop a course, that information is automatically transmitted to the campus bookstore. For added courses, digital materials will be emailed to your school email account or provisioned directly into D2L. Access to electronic or digital materials will be automatically disabled.

What if I get an incomplete grade in a course and need additional time to access course materials?
If that course includes digital material, the length of access is dependent on that specific material. Please contact the campus bookstore for details. 
I have questions that were not answered in these FAQs. Where can I get more information? 

If you have any additional questions, please contact Marissa Boyd, bookstore manager, at 0605mgr@follet.com or 478-825-6623.