M.S.Ed in School Counselor Education Courses and Requirements

M.S.Ed in School Counselor Education Courses and Requirements

The School Counselor Education Program requires a minimum of 48 semester hours. The content courses are:

Pre-Cohort Requirements (6 hours)

  • EDUC 5503 Fundamentals of Research Design
  • EDSC 5033 Career Counseling

Cohort Requirements (18 hours)

  • EDSC 5123 Intro to School Counseling
  • EDSC 5143 Counseling Theories
  • EDSC 5223 Comprehensive School Counseling
  • EDSC 5373 Group Counseling
  • EDSC 5233 Counseling Interventions & Prevention
  • EDLD 5203 Foundations of Professional Ethics and School Law

Non-cohort Requirements (12 hours)

  • EDSC 5013 Evaluation & Testing in Education*
  • EDSC 5103 Human Growth & Development*
  • EDSC 5303 School & Family Consultation*
  • EDSC 5203 Counseling Diverse Populations*

Field Experience (12 hours)

  • EDSC 5793 School Counseling Practicum
  • EDUC 5793 Applied Research Practicum
  • EDSC 5893 School Counseling Internship I
  • EDSC 5993 School Counseling Internship II

*Can be taken at any time in the program and are preferred but not required for placement in the Field Experience.

Important Note: If students wish to receive a clear renewable certificate for school counselors, they must complete and pass GACE, state technology competency certification, and the Introduction to Exceptional Child course (EDUC 5253). The Exceptional Child is required in addition to the course work specified on this balance sheet if the student has not previously taken a course in the identification and education of children with special needs, as required by “House Bill 671.”