Graduating Senior Yannic Frances, "˜19, Puts the Pieces Together

Posted on May 07, 2019

Senior Yannic Frances is putting the pieces of his career together. Set to graduate in May 2019, he is developing his career plan in much the same way as he tackled his summer internship in supply chain management, by careful coordinating the small details to ensure the desired outcome. Working with the 638th Supply Chain Management Group at Robins Air Force, he trained with civilian staff in the area of asset management, handling inventory for aircraft components and managing their movement. Base employees shared knowledge from their experience in the field as they worked together with Frances on projects and giving presentations. He was also able to participate in a business trip to Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.

Frances's internship is part of a partnership between Robins and FVSU aimed at providing students with real-world career experience through internships in the field. The effort is an example of FVSU's intensified push to provide real-world learning opportunities for each student which can make their academic coursework more relevant to their future careers as leaders.

The program Frances participated in requires three years of training. He was recruited by FVSU professor Dr. Samuel Gyapong, whom Frances respects greatly.

"I have so much respect for Dr. Gyapong because he's analytical," Frances said. "If you just listen to him, he wants the best for you.'"

Frances said that he feels his internship has prepared him to better function in a professional environment and helped him learn the importance of consistency. More than anything, Frances thinks his experience at RAFB builds awareness amongst employers about the quality of students at FVSU. He thinks there are more "jewels" at FVSU deserving of a chance to shine.

Frances's collegiate experience was not without some early stumbles, and he admits that he attended and transferred to multiple schools before coming to FVSU. At FVSU, however, professors helped him develop a greater sense of focus, integrity, and accountability.

"Tough times really help build character and professors here expect the best out of you and to see you do well," he said.

Main image: Yannic Frances (right) talks to Bill Sirmon, squadron flight chief for the 431st Supply Chain Management unit, at the signing of a memorandum of understanding event with FVSU and the 638th Supply Chain Management Group at Robins Air Force Base.

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