Master's Candidate Pache Moore Makes Trust a Priority

Posted on Nov 28, 2018

Pache Moore realizes that accomplishing multiple tasks at once requires flexibility. As a graduate student, she has learned to juggle her academic regimen and study with her full-time job as a high school teacher at Dooly County High School. She returned to FVSU to earn a master's degree in education, a credential she feels will help prepare her for the next steps in her career.

Moore particularly appreciates how open the faculty is to helping her work through problems, not only related to coursework, but also challenges she faces in her real-life job. Talking to her professors, she says, helps her bring everything together. She appreciates the access she has to them, and knows that she can call or go and see them at anytime.

"Your professors are very hands-on," she said. "Whatever you need, they will give it to you."

Moore believes that the key to helping students is gaining their trust. The "aha" moments, when students first grasp a concept they didn't understand before, mean a lot to her. She particularly feels gratified in "making the child feel loved and special and knowing that

someone cares for them," she said.

"Fort Valley State University is a great school," she said. "The teachers are proficient, they're caring, they're willing to help you, and you're not just a number. They care about the whole student, making sure that you have everything that you need to go out into the world, and they are great resources."

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