Academic Advising for Juniors and Seniors

Faculty advisors for juniors and seniors are listed below, although students are encouraged to contact their departments as some advisors may have changed.

Academic advising is an important part of FVSU’s commitment to the process of educating our students. Advising involves both the development and communication of accurate information regarding course selection, degree programs, resources, university policies/procedures, and career opportunities intended to assist students in attaining educational goals.

Advisors in the University College provide academic advising to freshmen and sophomores (all students who have earned 0-59 credit hours). Faculty provide advisement to students with 60 or more credit hours in their major areas (juniors and seniors). The advisement process involves the development of a mutual relationship between the student and their assigned advisor. During the academic advising process, information regarding course selection, degree programs, resources, university policies/procedures, and career opportunities are provided to students.

List of Advisors by Majors

Major Student Last Name Advisor (Last Name) Advisor (First Name)
Biology V-Z Dodd Celia
Computer Science V-Z Zeng Xiangyan
Chemistry T-Z Mack James
Liberal Studies S-Z; Transfers Pitts Berlethia J
Media Studies S-Z Yorke Justice
Clinical Mental Health Counseling S-Z Chandras Kan
Rehabilitation Counseling S-Z Newton James
Veterinary Science S-Z Mofya Saul
Electronic Engineering Technology S-Z Eldurssi Awad
Biology S-U Simmons Kaneatra
Psychology Q-Z Byrd Diane
Criminal Justice Q-Z Barner-Bowman Brandesha
Mathematics P-Z Marion Patcharin
Criminal Justice Online and Transfers Trimble Julius
Computer Science O-U Wang Haixin
Biology O-R Jefferson Felicia
Political Science N-Z Green Johnny
School Counseling Education N-Z Nelson Kimberly
MPH N-Z Sharif-Harris Hamidah
Visual and Performing Arts N-S Thompson Jonathan
Chemistry N-S Holmes Tiffani
Supply Chain MNGT M-Z Gebremikael Fesseha
Management M-Z Parker Marvin
Rehabilitation Counseling M-R Payne Tamara
Biology K-N Paul Jasmine
Media Studies J-R Lee Andrew
Liberal Studies J-R Wang Zhingang
Clinical Mental Health Counseling J-R Howard Anissa
Veterinary Science J-R Samples Oreta
Electronic Engineering Technology J-R Qiu Hao
Criminal Justice I-P Craig Ronald
Mathematics I-O Kunwar Ishwari
History H-Z Dumbuya Peter
Computer Science H-N Yousif Nabil
Visual and Performing Arts H-M Hamilton Elizabeth
Chemistry H-M Daniels Dwayne
Biology H-J Dhir Seema
Rehabilitation Counseling G-L Everett Otha
Marketing N/A Gyapong Samuel
Accounting N/A Smith Thomas
Mathematics F-H Hamdan Mustafa
Psychology E-P Chatmon Roddrick
Visual and Performing Arts D-I Calloway Ricky
Biology D- G Davis Melinda
Chemistry CDEP Kar Aditya
Social Work A-Z Hughley Ronald
MATH-CDEP A-Z Zhu Jianmin
Accounting A-Z Butts Regina
Marketing A-Z Barrett Stacey
Organizational Leasdership A-Z Warren Asha
Elementary/Special Education A-Z Pope Letasha
Grad-Elem/Spec Ed & Middle Grades Ed A-Z Seaman Grace
Health and Physical Education A-Z Green Gregory
Middle Grades Education A-Z Jefferson Jessica
Biotechnology, MS A-Z Singh Hari
Biotechnology, MS A-Z Joshee Nirmal
Biotechnology, MS A-Z Biswas Bipul
Family and Consumer Sciences A-Z Hollis Francine
Agricultural Engineering Technology A-Z Williams Archie
Biotechnology, MS A-Z Punnuri Somashekhar
Political Science A-M Fields Meigan
School Counseling Education A-M Mobley Jerry
MPH A-M Riley Clarence
Management A-L Drew Michelle
Supply Chain MNGT A-L Salone David
Media Studies A-I Booze Karlisha
Liberal Studies A-I Simmons Washella
Clinical Mental Health Counseling A-I Moss Bridget
Veterinary Science A-I McCommon George
Electronic Engineering Technology A-I Uy Domingo
Criminal Justice A-H Vyas Ashwin
History A-G Smith Mark
Computer Science A-G Naghedolfeizi Masud
Chemistry A-G Bright Robin
Rehabilitation Counseling A-F Brenner Jerry
Mathematics A-E Cartwright Samuel
Psychology A-D and All fully online Haywood Jerry
Visual and Performing Arts/Media Studies A-C Akbar Maisha
Biology A-C McLaughlin Frederick


List of Advisors by Majors and Student Alpha Cluster