Academic Advisors

Student Academic Advisor

Each student will be assigned an academic advisor by the appropriate department head when the student enters or within two weeks after the graduate program has begun. While the student is responsible for following the specific program elected, the department head assigns the advisor to give counsel and assistance in matters academic and personal. In the absence of the academic advisor, the department head will perform this function.

Graduate Assistantships

To qualify for graduate assistantships offered through the Graduate Studies office, available only during the fall and spring semesters, applicants must be admitted with at least a 2.70 undergraduate GPA or have a graduate GPA of 3.0 or above. Awarding of graduate assistantships is competitive, and requirements of the assistantship site and responsibilities will be considered in the selection process. Interviews may be required. It is possible that availability of graduate assistantships may not be announced until the beginning of the term. Requirements and availability may vary for assistantships offered by individual departments and funded by grants. Please contact your program of interest for additional information.