OIRPE Welcome


Welcome to Fort Valley State University Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness (OIRPE).

Fort Valley State University core values incorporate accountability, collaboration, efficiency, innovation and cost effectiveness. The Office of Institutional Research Planning and Effectiveness specializes in maintaining accountability, effectiveness for assessments, program reviews, accreditations, compliance assist and strategic planning of Institution’s mission’s goals outcomes and action steps with   integrity and excellence. In a fast paced environment utilizes necessary tools and technologies to assure data quality for continuous improvement .Engage actively to develop and deliver executive decisions which helps to maximize organizational performance. Giving scope to have outstanding faculty and staff in elevating the Institutions mission.

Key Functions

Accreditation/Reports: To provide continued academic excellence accreditation process provides an opportunity to FVSU to assess our own success and challenges over time and compare to peer’s and make better decisions.

  • SACSCOC accreditation
  • Enrollment, Retention, Graduation Reports
  • Annual General Education Review and Report
  • Course Productivity report

Program Review /Planning: An improvement opportunity for the Institution to demonstrate and identify areas of further opportunity and a continuous evaluation process to strengthen the Programs in accordance with the Institution’s mission and goals.

  • Strategic Plan Assessment Phase.
  • Academic Degree Programs submit student learning outcomes.
  • Student Satisfaction Report.
  • Annual Georgia Regents Student Report and Retention Study.
  • Academic Degree Program.

Data and Analysis: It is intended to access general source of data which   comprises current and historical information about the University including students, degree programs, faculty, finances, research, computing, libraries, and institutional advancement.

  • Grade Analysis in Summer & Spring Semester.
  • Faculty Retreat (Annual Planning Re-treat).
  • Faculty Workload Study.
  • Administrator’s Evaluations.
  • Annual Institutional Fact Book.

Accountability: Comprehensive data and information that is used to evaluate the progress of FVSU in achieving its goals, which includes

  • Common Data Set.
  • Assessment Plans Workshops.
  • Academic Support & Administrative Units submit programmatic goals.

Assessments: These are cumulative in nature and are utilized to determine whether the students have met the course goals or student learning out comes at the end of course program. The Assessment results data are interpreted with technical tools to make decisions which benefit the Institution to make changes or set appropriate targets preparing students through a mentoring approach. The assessments include:

  • Programs and standard major field exams administered to graduating seniors.
  • Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) administered to student who have completed core curriculum.
  • Sophomore Diagnostic Examination.
  • Academic Support Unit Assessment.

Surveys and Ranking: To help prospective students, current students, parents other comparative institutions to know quick facts about enrollment, program completion, graduation rates, student –faculty ratio, finances, student financial aid.

  • NSF- Herd Survey.
  • Peterson – GSS.
  • Student Evaluation of Faculty Mini Mester.
  • Financial Aid Survey.
  • Faculty Satisfaction Questionnaire.
  • IPEDS Report- IC headers/12 Month Enrollment.
  • US News.
  • Annual Library Survey.
  • Alumni Survey –Alumni Affairs.
  • Survey of Academic Advising.