Payroll General Questions

OneUSG Connect is an application that is intended to help the University System of Georgia manage and maintain its workforce. The major components of OneUSG Connect – payroll services, talent management, human resources management, time and attendance, and benefits administration – are unified and integrated into a single system.

Employees use OneUSG Connect to record and submit time, access, review and update personal information including direct deposit, pay checks and benefits anytime, anywhere – by computer, tablet, even a smartphone.

The Shared Services Center (SSC) in Sandersville is the first point of contact for support. The Shared Services Center provides centralized support for OneUSG Connect.

Call for Support: toll free-1 877-251-2644

Send an email:

Bi-weekly employees, including student workers, are paid every other Friday. Monthly employees are paid on the last working day of each month. There are no exceptions to the pay dates. Please refer to the payroll calendar for specific pay dates.

Direct deposit is a condition of employment with the University System of Georgia unless you are a Federal Work Study student. If you are unable to obtain an account through an eligible financial institution, you may request an exemption form from Payroll.

Employees are encouraged to update direct deposit online via OneUSG Employee Service portal. The Payroll Office can assist with entering direct deposit information only if the employees provides a voided check or print out from the bank with both the routing and account numbers.

Tax withholding elections can be made via the OneUSG Employee Self-Service portal on the tax tile. You may also consent to have your W-2 sent electronically, view prior W-2 information and print out a copy through the portal.

Employees should, first, review his/her paycheck statement via OneUSG Employee Service portal on the Pay tile. Biweekly employees, including student workers, should also validate hours paid via the Time and absence tile > Payable Time Detail. After all information has been reviewed, the employee may contact a member of Payroll for additional assistance.

For direct deposit, employees should review net pay distribution found on his/her paycheck statement.

For paper checks, employees should review and confirm the address via OneUSG Employee Self Service > Personal Details.

If a stop payment is necessary, please contact the Payroll Office.

If you are a former employee, please contact the Shared Services center at 1-877-251-2644.

The Payroll Office is located in the Troup Building on the 2nd Floor in Room 217. You may call the office at 478-825-6225. We are available for questions or concerns regarding payroll matters from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.