Private Loan

Private Education Loan Information

Fort Valley State University (FVSU) in conjunction with Electronic Loan Management (ELM) has provided a list of private loan options for students and parents who need a focused and neutral resource for help in finding a private student loan. Standard disclosures and comparison for each loan lender can be found by clicking on the link below by borrowing type.

Undergraduate – Student seeking an undergraduate degree (bachelors).

Graduate – Student seeking a graduate degree (masters or beyond).

Parent – Parent of students seeking an undergraduate degree.

International – Students whose residence is outside of the US.


FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY HAS RECEIVED NO CONSIDERATION FROM ANY LENDERS FOR PLACEMENT ON THIS LIST. Placement on this list DOES NOT in any way constitute an endorsement from FVSU NOR should it be construed as a preferred lender list. You are free to borrow from any lender of your choice. While FVSU has made every effort to confirm each of the lender loan terms described below through the website it cannot guarantee its accuracy. Furthermore, not all the lenders listed below lend to all students at all schools. The borrower should confirm any and all loan terms with the lender PRIOR to accepting the loan. Each lender’s position on the list is randomly determined. FVSU will update this page as necessary. The information provided below is subject to change without notice.