Prospective Blue Coats

Are you passionate about FVSU? Are you eager to volunteer? Are you a leader on campus? If so, then you’re Blue Coat material.

Applicants who meet the following criteria for the Fall selection process will be considered for Blue Coat membership and members in good standing with the group will retain their Blue Coat status until graduation:

  • Full-time student
  • In good academic and disciplinary standing with the university
  • Maintenance of a 2.75 or higher GPA
  • Attended Fort Valley State University for at least two semester.
  • Must not be graduating from the university any earlier than 1.5 years after completing the process.

The selection process has three stages: application, social, and interview. As an applicant moves through each stage, the Blue Coats selection committee will make recommendations to the adviser about the applicant’s ability to serve the Fort Valley State University through Blue Coats. Below is a breakdown of each stage in the process.

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Application Stage

The application portion of the selection process is to provide the committee with an initial understanding of how the applicant can serve the Office of University Events,  University Advancement and the university as a whole. The application process has three distinct parts. It is recommended that these steps are done in order to prevent confusion.

  1. Electronic Application Form – Once you click “Save and Continue” below you will be taken through a series of questions. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability.

    Resume – At the end of the application form there will be a large text block to copy and paste your resume highlighting your awards, achievements, and leadership experiences during your time at FVSU. If you would rather send your resume via email, you may do so to

  2. Essay Response – At the end of the application form, you will have the opportunity to attach a response to the following essay question:

    “In this response, you are to address the university’s alumni and donors on what drives your commitment and passion to FVSU. Express and share your story and why you would like to be a Blue Coat. Explain what skills and values you can bring to the Blue Coats. As you answer this, please keep in mind the qualities of a Blue Coat: well-intentioned, visible service and leadership, and best suited for the purpose.”

    Response format: A minimum of one (1) page, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman or Calibri font, 1″ margins all around.

  3. Two Letters of Recommendation – Recommendation letters must be submitted directly from the author of the letters. Recommendation letters may be submitted by one of the following methods.

    Email (preferred) – Directly to Campus Mail – Sent to the Huntington Hall, ATTN: RJ Mathis II

Decision letters denoting if an applicant moves forward in the process, or not, will be emailed according to the schedule.

Social Stage

Continuing applicants are required to attend a social. This allows the current Blue Coats, University Advancement and or Office of the President staff, and the leadership of the division’s volunteer groups to become familiar with applicants in a relaxed, social setting. At the socials, it is important to be yourself. The organization is unique because of its diverse leaders, with different personalities and different leadership experiences. After the socials have been completed, the selection committee will determine the second cut.

Decision letters denoting if an applicant moves forward in the process, or not, will be emailed according to the schedule.

Interview Stage

The interview stage is the selection committee’s opportunity to have personal time to learn more about the remaining applicants. The panel will ask questions to help determine an applicant’s ability to interact with the university’s top alumni and friends and the desire to serve the Division of the University Advancement, President’s Office and the Blue Coats. Interviews should not last more than 25 minutes.

Final decision letters will be emailed according to the schedule.

Contact Information

RJ Mathis II, Adviser