Find and Finance Your Study Abroad Experience

Find a Study Abroad Experience

Study abroad programs are a great way to get hands on experience in your field of study. It gives you the experience that employers are looking for after graduation too! That is why it is so important to find a program that not only applies to your studies but gives you the experience you need for the future.

There are several options to study abroad. Through our own faculty-led programs, USG Goes Global programs, and other providers, there are plenty of options for you to find the place and program that best suits you.

Fort Valley State and USG Institution Programs

  • FVSU faculty-led programs
  • USG Goes Global is a program offered to students within the University of Georgia system that are interested in studying abroad. This program partners USG universities and faculty-led programs that allows for students from other institutions to participate in study abroad programs that may not be offered by their own university.
    • The programs are short-term, faculty-led options that range from 2-5 weeks in the summer.
    • USG Goes Global programs typically offer 3-6 academic credits.
    • USG Goes Global Programs
  • Transient Programs: Fort Valley State University students may apply as a transient student for short-term, academic credit bearing study abroad programs at other USG or higher education institutions. Some universities offering programs open to Fort Valley State University students include:

Other Study Abroad Providers

  • CIEE
    • CIEE is a private company that organizes study abroad programs for U.S.-based students.
    • CIEE offers a variety of year-round program options including short-term summer programs, long-term semester exchange programs, and international internships.
    • CIEE programs offer transfer credit for Fort Valley State University students, that will be issued by CIEE’s fully accredited U.S.-based School of Record, Tulane University.
  • Field Study Abroad
    • Field Study Abroad is an organization that offers ecology and conservation internships in southern Africa.
    • Earn up to 6 university credits towards your degree.
    • 2-week programs that are offered year-round.
  • Critical Language Scholarship Program
    • This program offers intensive overseas language and cultural immersion group-based programs.
    • Programs last 8-10 weeks and students focus on studying one of 14 critical needs languages.
    • Earn up to 6-8 academic credits.
  • Fulbright Program
    • This program is only open to students who completed their undergraduate program or current graduate students.
    • Supports undergraduate students who are interested in teaching English abroad post-graduation or graduate students who are interested in conducting study or research abroad.

Where to start? (Passport, visas, etc.)

  • The process to get started can seem overwhelming, but we are here to help!
    • If you have questions about what program to choose or any general questions about study abroad, you can schedule a meeting with our FVSU Study Abroad Advisor using their Bookings
  • Passports – Passports are required for international study abroad, including Canada and Mexico. This process can take up to 12 weeks, so it is highly recommended that you begin this process as soon as you know you want to study abroad.


Financing Your Study Abroad Experience

There are numerous options available to help finance your study abroad experience. Your financial aid package (e.g. HOPE Scholarship, Pell Grant, and other student financial aid offers) can be used to offset the cost of your study abroad program. Please contact our office or the Financial Aid Office for more information.

In addition to financial aid, our office encourages students to look at multiple other options available that may be able to help cover the cost of your study abroad program. Please see below a list of scholarships and funding options that you may wish to consider.

  • Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship
    • The Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship is open to students who receive the Pell Grant.
    • Awards between $5,000 and $8,000 for students studying abroad.
  • Freeman-Asia Scholarship
    • The Freeman Asia Scholarship is open to students who receive need-based financial aid as determined by their FAFSA.
    • Is open to students whose study abroad programs are based in East Asian countries.
    • Awards between $3,000 and $7,000 based on the term you are studying abroad.
  • Boren Awards
    • Open to students planning on intensively studying a foreign language in a country not located in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand
    • Applicants must state relevance of program to U.S. National Security interests and commit to working for the U.S. Federal government for at least one year.
    • Awards between $8,000 and $25,000 based on the term you are studying abroad.
  • Fund for Education Abroad Scholarships
    • Organization that offers multiple scholarships for students participating in study abroad programs
    • Must be a U.S. citizen and currently enrolled as an undergraduate student.
  • Student Club-based Scholarship Programs: Students are encouraged to work with any campus clubs or organizations they may be a part of such as fraternity or sororities, or national service-based organizations, that may offer scholarship support to student members.
  • Fundraising Options: Students are encouraged to explore self-directed fundraising options that can help support the cost of their study abroad programs, such as online crowd funding platforms like GoFundMe and other fundraising activities such as community bake sales.