FVSU's Counseling Center opens A Vault in the Valley

Canned foods in store

November 13, 2015 – A Fort Valley State University facility is asking for donations to meet the needs of university students who are experiencing financial difficulties. The university’s Office of Student Health and Counseling Services recently opened the Vault in the Valley, a food pantry that helps meet the material needs of FVSU students in need of a helping hand or material assistance. Right now, the food pantry is in need of donations of food, toiletries and other materials to hand out to students.

“The purpose of the vault is to meet the needs of campus students that may be experiencing difficult times be undergoing financial difficulties,” said Jacqueline Caskey-James, director of FVSU’s Student Health and Counseling Services. “There are some young people that have gone through the foster care system who may not have parents or a guardians to care for them.”

Caskey-James asks that donors give toiletry items in addition to food items such as sanitary napkins, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, deodorant and gently used clothes. The facility also provides work clothes for students.

“We offer students that are going out for interviews work clothes and suits,” Caskey-James stated. The director explained the facility has partnered with Fort Valley’s Khoury’s Mens Wear clothing store to borrow suits for students who need them for a job interview. She said there is also a great need for women’s clothing.

“When they are going out for an interview, we want to ensure that we help with their professional identity,” the director said

Caskey-James said FVSU’s Vault is Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. It is only available for FVSU students. The facility is closed during the weekends.