Bachelor of Arts

History Major

History is the study of events that have occurred in the past, seeking to understand what led up to them, why they occurred, and the lasting consequences which have resulted. Students of history are explorers, analyzing human experiences to uncover commonalities and differences between societies. Their range of interests include political, economic, and social systems.

Related minors include:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Geography
  • Political Science

History students at FVSU take courses in American, black American, African, European, Georgia, and military history, along with courses on the Constitution, research, and the humanities, among others.

Professionals with backgrounds in history often work in fields such as education, diplomatic services, intelligence or defense-related work, journalism, and records or archives management in either the public or private realm. Since the study of history is based on reading and analyzing documents then communicating the knowledge gained to others, a history degree prepares students for jobs ranging from high-level data analysis to educating the public at museums or historical parks. These same skills are necessary requirements for a career in government or politics, where a firm grasp of issues is necessary to create effective policy. The B.A. in History can also prepare students for careers that require additional education. For example, by honing research skills a history degree provides an excellent foundation for a career in the law, whether as a practicing attorney, a paralegal, or a judicial clerk.

The FVSU Bachelor of Arts major in history is administered through the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences  in the College of Arts and Sciences. For major and minor requirements, please visit the department’s Degree Maps page.

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    • The Phi Nu Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta International Honor Society in History
    • The Georgia Omicron Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society in Social Science
    • The FVSU History Students Association
    • Political Science Club
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    • Historical Society
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