Employee "Return to Campus" Updates

by Pamela Berry-Johnson

Posted on Jun 12, 2020

Dear FVSU Employees,
Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, FVSU has been closely monitoring the public health reports, the progression of the disease, and its potential impact on the health, safety, and continuing viability of our institution. With millions of employees and many universities across the country working on similar strategies in a variety of settings, our response to COVID19 is informed and guided by developing best practices and continuing guidance from the Center for Disease Control and state and public health agencies. Our return to campus, fall semester operations and the 2020 Holiday Schedule takes into consideration FVSU's unique circumstances, needs, and capabilities. Guided by our motto, "Empower the Possible," our return provides for effective and efficient business continuity in an environment that values the safety and welfare of employees, students, and the community.
Our overarching goals are as follows:
· To safely return faculty and staff who have been in non-closure, telework or flexible work arrangements to campus in preparation for the resumption of in-person instruction in August 2020;
· To have protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of the workforce by mitigating the spread of COVID-19.
Employee return to campus is provided in three phases using a staggered approach and categorizing employee groups based on identified work requirements. We strongly encourage telecommuting and working remotely for employees who can complete work duties/responsibilities without disruption. With their supervisors' approval, employees utilizing the telecommuting option are required to complete the Telecommuting Agreement and adhere to Check-in Protocol policy. Also, to reduce work in close proximity situations, we recommend that department heads establish flexible work schedules for employees by offering the following as necessary:
· Early/late start and end work hours
· Multiple/rotating shifts
· 10/40 (10 hours workday in 4 days)
· 9/80 (off work one day every other week - generally used for exempt employees)
· Combined work schedule (in-office hours combined with telecommuting). An employee may not work more than 40 hours in one week to avoid required overtime
· Telecommuting (working remotely from home or another location).
Phased Return of Employees to Campus
The three phases of employee return are intended to stagger out staff spatially and in the time of their return to campus. It begins with the return of specific groups who are essential to prepare the campus for reopening in the fall. (See the below schedule)
Phase I is divided into two groups (a and b) Employees who are returning to work as early as May 18, 2020, and no later than *June 15, 2020. This includes all employees currently utilizing the non-closure emergency leave. Employees identified in this category are those employees for whom most of their work may not be completed remotely, or effective remote work may be minimal.
Phase I (a) consists of:
· Facilities operations staff
· Staff on non-closure emergency leave.
Employees in this category would return no later than *June 1, 2020, to physically prepare for the return of employees and students.
Phase I (b) consists of:
· Administrative staff (primary contact in the office, customer-facing, handling telephones, and greeting visitors)
· Campus Safety Operations staff
· Research/laboratories/Farm animal staff
· Child Development Center and Head start/Early Head start staff (as University employees, communication with county agencies will be necessary)
· Residence Life Staff
This category of employees will return on *June 15, 2020.
Phase II is divided into two groups (a and b). These include employees who may need some additional time to return (must provide appropriate documentation in this case). Approval would be on a case-by-case basis. Employees identified in this category are those employees who are primary to preparing for student return and other essential support staff. No employees in this category are using non-closure emergency leave.
Phase II (a) will return on July 13, 2020, and consists of the following employees:
· Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
· Coaches
This category of employees will return on *July 13, 2020
Phase II (b) consists of:
· Residence Assistants*
· All other staff, faculty on 12-month appointments, and those faculty serving as Department Chairs
This group of employees will return on July 27, 2020. **Residence Assistants will return on July 28, 2020.
Phase III consists of all other employees not included in the categories above, specifically, Ten-month faculty. These employees will return on *August 3, 2020.
While we expect all employees to have returned to work in full capacity, the university will continue the appropriate use of flexible work schedules and telecommuting as necessary.
Also as a reminder, there are additional updates for the fall semester campus operations. Additionally, we have updated the 2020 Holiday Schedule in collaboration with the Staff Council.
For additional Fort Valley State University COVID-19 updates and protocols, visit /coronavirus-updates/


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