Face Recognition Using an Innovative Bag of Features and Support Vector Machine Samples Using Comparison Microscopy

Posted on Aug 27, 2019

Of all the technologies on the technological frontier, one of the most promising is facial recognition, which can lead to the identification of someone instantaneously through a digital video source. The implications of the technology are mind-blowing"”law enforcement authorities will be able to quickly and accurately pinpoint criminals, retail stores will be able to provide a customized shopping experience for a patron as soon as they walk in the door based on their preferences and past history, professors will be able to track student attendance without taking rolls, and customers can pay for their purchases just by looking into a camera.

Forging into that frontier is Fort Valley State University junior Jordan Williams. The computer science major has spent many hours researching the way the technology works, and has begun to identify the best methods. His research could lead to broader understanding of the most effective ways to develop and deploy the innovative digital tool.

"We studied an algorithm called Bag of Features which extracts features, or stand out points, from images, and then represents those images as histograms for the computer to recognize later," Williams explained. "Bag of Features achieved higher accuracy of facial recognition compared to previous algorithms used."

The possibilities are nearly endless, and it will eventually impact the life of everyone on the planet. That future is not lost on Williams.

"The benefits of this project are limitless. Facial recognition is everywhere and can be used anywhere from high level security to simply unlocking your cellphone," he said.

Williams came to FVSU because it felt like home. People actually care about you, he said, including faculty members Drs. Xiangyan Zeng and Dr. Nabil Yousif, who assisted him in his research. After graduation, he hopes to start his own business. FVSU has taught him excellence, and the power of determination.

"FVSU has taught me perseverance and to never and to never give up, no matter how hard something may seem," he said.

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