Faculty Member Dr. Komanduri Murty Receives International Editorial Appointment

Posted on Feb 04, 2018

Komanduri S. Murty, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, has been appointed to the editorial board of the Journal of Law and Judicial System.


Dr. Murty


"You cannot get around the law


and judicial system."

-Dr. Komanduri Murty


"Today, you take any issue, from the recent NFL national anthem protest to yesterday's Black Lives Matter [movement], to yesteryear's civil rights movement, and you cannot get around the law and judicial system," said Dr. Murty. "Every social system and subsystem is integrally connected to it."

The Journal of Law and Judicial System is an international journal that publishes research in the fields of socio-legal studies and the psychology of law, criminology, and social justice. The journal presents an international overview of law, system-wide trends, and problems related to law, crime and justice throughout the world and provides a medium for social scientists to report research findings uncovered through innovative and advanced methodologies. It examines an array of topics from an international perspective"”from misdemeanor delinquent acts to international terrorism.

Murty was selected for the editorial board because of his strong publication record and research contributions. His service on the board reflects the deep interest in criminal justice at FVSU, one of the most popular undergraduate majors on campus and online.

The professor is the author or co-author of dozens of books, book chapters, research papers, and journal articles. He has directed research funded by millions of dollars in grants in areas including the federal response to Hurricane Katrina, prisons, youth redirection, violence prevention, and community needs. At FVSU, Murty is well-known for his work with students. He has received the FVSU Faculty Mentor Award, and frequently serves as an advisor for student research projects.

Murty earned a Ph.D. in sociology from Mississippi State University, through which he explored urban sociology, complex social organizations, sociological theories, demography, economics, research methods, survey research techniques, social statistics, and computer-aided data analysis and matrix operations. He also received a Diploma in Population Sciences and a Certificate in Population Sciences from the International Institute for Population Sciences (sponsored by the United Nations) in Bombay, India. He earned a master's degree in sociology and a bachelor's degree with a triple major in sociology, public administration, and geography from Andhra University in India.


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