FVSU’s Homecoming 2023 “1895: The HITS” - Record Breaking Homecoming

Posted on Oct 26, 2023

FVSU’s Homecoming 2023“1895: The HITS” will be remembered not just for the exciting football game, spirited tailgating, and musical events but also for the historic moments and achievements that took place during this remarkable week of celebration.

One of the most significant milestones during Homecoming 2023 was the astounding fundraising success. A grand total of $1,474,621.30 was raised for Homecoming Week through the Office of University Advancement. This impressive figure showcases the unwavering support and generosity of the community, alumni, and friends of FVSU. These funds will profoundly impact student success initiatives.

In addition, Homecoming 2023 witnessed numerous events and moments that etched themselves into the archives of FVSU’s history. From the renaming of the Student Amenities Center to the Alonzo and Alma Jones Student Center to the opening of The Vault featuring Tommy’s Closet, a sense of unity and pride spread throughout the Homecoming week.

The Wildcat football game against Morehouse drew record attendance, making it one of the most well-attended Homecoming games in recent history. Gate receipts from the football game showed an increase of 48%. This Homecoming witnessed an unprecedented achievement, with more than 300 season tickets sold. This marks the highest number of season ticket sales in FVSU’s history, reflecting the passion and commitment of fans and supporters and the outstanding work of our Athletics staff.

Tailgating, another Homecoming tradition, saw an increase in participation. Current students, alumni, family, and friends came together to celebrate, enjoying good food and creating lasting memories. All tailgating spots for Homecoming 2023 were completely SOLD OUT with an 11% increase, and revenue from parking experienced a 2% increase.

The vendor spots for Homecoming 2023 were in high demand and were SOLD OUT. Vending revenue soared by an impressive 31%.

The Homecoming committee and volunteers worked tirelessly to organize engaging events and activities catered to a diverse audience. From art exhibitions to alumni networking sessions and student events, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

The 2023 Homecoming event was a resounding success, as indicated by our overall 35% boost in revenue.

These accomplishments not only signify the financial success of Homecoming 2023 but also highlight the deep connection and dedication of the Fort Valley State University community to its traditions and events. Homecoming 2023 has set a new standard for success, and the memories created during this event will be cherished for years to come. We look forward to an even better Homecoming in 2024 as we celebrate these achievements.

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