Gordon signs Transfer Admission Guarantee with FVSU

by Pamela Berry-Johnson

Posted on Apr 10, 2020

Gordon State College recently signed a Transfer Admission Guarantee with Fort Valley State University that will be in effect starting Fall Semester 2020. The program will be called the Highlander to Wildcat Program and program participants will be identified as H2W students at Gordon State College.

"It was of the utmost importance to renew this long-standing partnership and model of collaboration," Gordon State College President Kirk A. Nooks said. "Students will benefit from having an affiliation with two incredible institutions and complete this program with two degrees to highlight their work. This is another example of the Power of WE."

The provosts of Fort Valley State University and Gordon State College will work with the deans and faculty to create collaborative academic experiences for students in the program, such as undergraduate research.

"Fort Valley and Gordon have had a long partnership that has led to outstanding outcomes for our students," said Gordon State College Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs C. Jeffery Knighton. "We are very excited to be building on our collaboration with this new and improved H2W program. Students wishing to become Wildcats will first receive an outstanding foundation as Highlanders."

Fort Valley State University President Paul Jones said, "We are excited about building on a longstanding collaborative partnership with Gordon State College. This expanded new partnership will help create new pathways for students throughout Georgia while guaranteeing admissions for future Wildcats."

Gordon students who fulfill the criteria within the agreement are guaranteed admission to Fort Valley State University. The guarantee assures general admission to Fort Valley, but not necessarily admission to a specific major that may have enrollment limitations.

This agreement governs those students who apply to Fort Valley State University and are encouraged to attend Gordon State College for the Associate of Arts degree (AA) or the Associate of Science (AS) degree and meet the criteria for admission. This agreement does not prohibit other Gordon State College students who meet admission requirements to transfer to Fort Valley State University.

To qualify for the Transfer Admission Guarantee and the Highlander to Wildcat Program, students must:

  • Complete an Intent to Transfer Form and have it signed by a Gordon State College advisor by the application deadline.
  • Submit the Undergraduate Application for Admission and application fee to Fort Valley State University. The application fee is only applicable if they have not already completed the application process at Fort Valley State University. Applications should be completed during the last semester at Gordon State College prior to completion of the associate degree and before the end of FortValley State's application filing deadline.
  • Complete an AA/AS degree at Gordon State College which would be transferable to Fort Valley State University satisfying all areas of Gordon State College's core curriculum.
  • Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in transferable course work.

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