Shirley M. McClellan, Ph.D.




Ph.D. in Education with specialization in Higher Education
August 2016, Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dissertation title: Decision-making on Technology Deployment at Historically
Black Institutions
Committee: Daniel Salter, Cheryl Keen, Kurt Schoch, James P. Keen (Chair)

M.A. in Postsecondary and Continuing Education with Administration Emphasis
July 1981, The University of Iowa at Iowa City, Iowa

B.S. in Radio Television with Management Emphasis
Minor in Political Science
August 1975, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois


Educational Talent Search, Fort Valley State University

  • Administer the Educational Talent Search Program for 728 participants in a nine-county target area.
  • Coordinate and monitor program components.
  • Review and certify participant eligibility.
  • Manage participant contact records.
  • Develop and monitor a budget that is consistent with federal regulations and
    reasonable in relationship to program objectives.
  • Write and submit annual performance reports, grant proposals, and institutional reports.
  • Administer program evaluation.
  • Supervised 4 full-time staff persons.

Educational Opportunity Center, Fort Valley State University

  • Conducted the close-out of the program as a result of discontinuation of funding and the absence of the previous director.
  • Revised and monitored the budget.
  • Closed out accounts with vendors.
  • Communicated with a contracted Information Technology consultant concerning the of problems with the EOC database.
  • Communicated with agencies located in several counties in the target area concerning the close-out of the program, including the collection of EOC computer equipment.
  • Monitored the transfer of computer equipment to Upward Bound and a collaborative program with the College of Arts and Sciences at Fort Valley State University.
  • Assisted Plant Operations with the removal of furniture, computer equipment, and office supplies from the Columbus, Georgia EOC office.
  • Supervised the collection of data, the finalization and the submission of the Annual Performance Report for the U. S. Department of Education.

Associate Dean/Director
Student Support Services, Suomi College

  • Administered the Student Support Services Program for 300 students.
  • Coordinated and monitored program components of Student Support Services and the Teaching/Learning Center.
  • Supervised the record keeping on student participation, academic progress, job placement, graduation and transfer rates. Developed curriculum and taught the “Dean’s Academic Success Seminar.”
  • Developed and monitored program budget.
  • Wrote and submitted Annual Performance Reports, grant proposals, and Board of Trustees’ reports. Edited newsletter. Administered program evaluation.
  • Attended Board of Trustees meeting and reported to the Student Services Committee.
  • Supervised 4 full-time staff persons.

Study Skills/Careers Counselor and Director
Student Special Services, Luther College

  • Provided academic support in the areas of study skills and career counseling on an individual basis and through workshops.
  • Researched career, scholarship, and internship information.
  • Corresponded with agencies and conveyed information in weekly newsletter.
  • Taught January Term Study Skills course for 10-16 students.
  • Collected current data on students’ progress toward graduation.
  • Expedited responses of follow-up survey with approximately 90-95% response rate.
  • Maintained records of daily student contacts.
  • Administered program and wrote Student Special Services grant proposal during the 1984-85 year.

Volunteer Intern
Continuing Education Office, Northeast Iowa Technical Institute

  • Researched address data.
  • Developed questionnaires and conducted surveys for approximately 840
    participants in the Adult Re-Entry Program and 315 participants in the Adult Basic Education Program.
  • Attained overview in the areas of continuing education, community education,
    business and industry partnerships, adult basic education, adult re-entry/community education, health occupations, consumer education, and career education.

Illinois Migrant Council

  • Taught Adult Basic Education (A. B. E.) and General Education Development (G.E.D.) classes in the summer and fall to 5-15 adult participants.
  • Coordinated career, consumer and health-related field trips, including guest speakers.

Little Egypt Early Childhood Program, J. A. M. P.

  • Taught fine motor, gross motor, and language skills to14-20 mildly and severely
    physically and mentally challenged children ranging ages 3-5 years old.
  • Conducted home visits with assigned students and parents.
  • Assigned and evaluated various skill activities in the home to enhance children’s intellectual development.


  • Office of Sponsored Programs Certificate for Scholarly Research and Grantsmanship, 2008 – Present
  • Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program Completion Report, 4/2/2015
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) Certificate of Completion, 2/10/2015
  • Walden University Academic Retreat at the Novotel in Paris, France, July 2013
  • La Universidad Europea De Madrid (Laureate International University) Diploma for Participation in Walden University Residency in Madrid, Spain, August 25, 2007
  • American Association of University Women Educational Foundation Gift Named in Honor of Shirley McClellan In Appreciation of Significant Contributions to The Mission of the AAUW Educational Foundation
  • Bryn Mawr College and Higher Education Resource Services Mid-America Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration – Certificate of Completion
  • Southeastern Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel Certificate of Completion for the Evaluation Models Professional Staff Workshop
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America College and University Faculty and
    Administrative Study Grant
  • Howard University Leadership Development Training Program – Certificate of
  • Bowie State University Financial Aid /Data Management Training Workshop –
    Certificate of Completion
  • Mid-America Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel President’s Award
  • Five, Ten, Fifteen, and Twenty Years’ Service Awards in TRIO Programs from the Mid-America Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (MAEOPP), Georgia Association of Special Programs Personnel (GASPP) and the Southeastern Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (SAEOPP)
  • SAEOPP Certificate of Completion of Training Program in The Evaluation Models Professional Staff Workshop
  • Georgia Association of Special Program Personnel, Inc. – Emerging Leaders Certificate
  • Pi Lambda Theta – Facilitator Training Certificate


  • 1984-2016: U. S. Department of Education Student Support Services, Talent Search Grants. More than $15,000,000.
  • 2014: Flint Energies Grant, $2,500
  • 2012: College Access Challenge Grant (CACG), U. S. Department of Education, $10,000
  • 1996, 1998, 2012: Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation Grant Proposals, $1,000, $15,000, and$9,500,
  • 2009: 4imprint Grant Proposal, $500 in promotional products
  • 2008: Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation, $5000
  • 2008: John and Mary Franklin Foundation, $5,000
  • 1992-2000: Developed and edited Educational Talent Search newsletters that were informative and popular with students, faculty, staff persons, and the general public.
  • 1992-2000: Developed program brochures that effectively explained program components of services.
  • 1997: U. S. Department of Justice and the U. S. Department of Education, “Youth Out of the Education Mainstream” Training and Technical Assistance, In-Kind Expert Presentations on youth violence
  • 1990-1991: Developed curriculum for and taught “Dean’s Academic Success  Seminar,” a mandatory readjustment course for academic probation students.


  • Georgia Association of Special Programs Personnel, Inc.
  • Alpha Epsilon Xi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, The International Honor Society in
    Education at Walden University, Charter Member


  • Fort Valley State University, assisted with national search for Vice President for Student Success and Enrollment Management, 2017
  • Fort Valley State University Appeals/Grievance Committee
  • Fort Valley State University Staff Council
  • Fort Valley State University Master Planning Committee
  • GASPP (Georgia Association of Special Programs Personnel) Scholarship Committee, Chairperson
  • SAEOPP (Southeastern Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel Scholarship Committee)
  • SAEOPP Emerging Leader, 2000
  • GASPP (Georgia Association of Special Programs Personnel) Emerging Leader, 1999
  • GASPP Coordinator of Educational Talent Search Academic Bowl, 1997 and 2000
  • Fort Valley State University Educational Opportunity Center Search Committee for Project Director, Chairperson
  • AAUW (American Association of University Women) Public Information Co- Chairperson
  • AAUW Equity Committee Project
  • AAUW Career Awareness Conference for Middle School Girls, Participant and Keynote Speaker
  • GASPP Workshop Committee
  • Fort Valley State University Education of the Whole Student Committee
  • Fort Valley State University Educational Opportunity Center Search Committees for Director, Community Service Specialists, and Secretary
  • Fort Valley State University Upward Bound Search Committee for
    Counselor/Curriculum Coordinator
  • Suomi College Academic Achievement
  • Suomi College Retention Task Force, Chairperson
  • Suomi College Dean of faculty Search Committee
  • Suomi College Four-Year Task Force
  • Suomi College Curriculum Committee
  • Suomi College Japanese Recruitment Committee
  • Suomi College Pro-College/Talent Development Committee
  • Luther College Admissions, Financial aid and Academic Progress Committee
  • Luther College Paideia Rhetoric and Research Committees
  • Luther College Traffic Hearing Board
  • Iowa Mid-America Association of Education Opportunity Program Personnel Scholarship Committee
  • University of Iowa Graduate College Affirmative Action Committee
  • University of Iowa Graduate Student Senator for the Department of Postsecondary and Continuing Education


Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain


Dr. Daniel W. Salter, Director
Strategic Research Initiatives Center for Research Quality
Walden University
(814) 321-6348 EST,

Dr. Cheryl Keen, Core Faculty, PhD Program
Division of Higher Education, Adult Learning,
Administration and Leadership
Walden University
(937) 477-2126 EST,

Mr. Wallace Keese, Dean of Students
Fort Valley State University
(478) 825-6290,

Mr. Charles Jones, Director of Government Relations
Fort Valley State University
(478) 825-6156,

Ms. Doris Nyaga, Research Development Administrator
University of Northern Iowa
(319) 273-3961,