Unfinished Business for New Students

Make sure that you get started on the right foot by taking care of your business before you arrive.



Financial Aid

Make sure that you have all of your loans, grants, scholarships, and other forms of aid secured. If you need additional assistance,

Visit: Financial Aid Website Call: (478) 825-6363 Email: Financialaid@fvsu.edu


Financial Clearance

You need to be financially cleared before you move-in, which means that arrangements must have been made for all necessary payments. For additional assistance,

Visit: Student Financial Services Website Call: (478) 825-6522


At FVSU, all students are registered for classes through their academic advisor. Before you arrive, you should have already registered. If you still need to contact your advisor, Visit: University College Academic Advising


Frequently Asked Questions

More of your questions may be answered here.