Suit Up

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  • Get up to 60% off select men’s and women’s career dress apparel, shoes and accessories
  • Receive a free mini-makeover at Sephora
  • Get a free hair consultation
  • Get free measurements by a tailor consultant

First impressions are crucial, and lasting impressions are even more important. Appropriate professional attire signals attention to detail, communicates self-confidence, demonstrates situational awareness, and draws positive attention. It tells a potential employer that a candidate is equally serious about representing themselves and the organization at the highest levels. Wearing professional attire can make someone stand out and be more competitive, while not dressing sharply can make someone seem unmotivated and unrefined. More importantly, how you dress can affect how you feel. FVSU students are destined for power and authority, and dressing for success is strongly encouraged as a matter of habit.

FVSU has partnered with JCPenney for the first “Suit Up” event in Middle Georgia, where students can receive discounts on professional clothing which measures up to professional standards while reflecting their authentic style. On Sunday, September 22, 2019 at the JCPenney @ Houston Center Galleria, 2940 Watson Blvd. in Centerville, GA, participants can receive up to 60% off select men’s and women’s career dress apparel, shoes, and accessories as they boost their professional wardrobe. At the same time, they can stop by Sephora for a free mini makeover and free samples and get a free hair consultation in the salon and measurement consultation from a tailor.


FVSU Students

You’re the star of the show! Just arrive at the JCPenney and start building your professional wardrobe! Enjoy a makeover and more as you take great steps toward your success.

Transportation from FVSU to the store is available. Sign up below.


Guide and advise (and shop too!).  Use your experience to help students pick out the best clothes for them as shopping advisors. Along the way, pick up some items for yourself with the same discounts available to the students.

Alumni and Supporters

Help make professional dreams come true. Invest in the career of a talented student by making a donation of $25, $50 or more which can make all the difference in their ability to make the clothing purchases they need to jumpstart their dreams.


They still need your support! Of course money is tight for most college students, and they still need your assistance. Send them a gift card to help them make their purchase.

For more information:

LuWanna Williams
FVSU Center for Student Engagement
Phone: (478) 822-1354