TakeOff 2019: New Student Orientation

Welcome to the Family.

Buckle up as you prepare to launch your career as a Wildcat.

At TakeOff, FVSU’s New Student Orientation, you’ll get a head start on campus life as your college career prepares to take flight. No one succeeds alone, and at FVSU, you’ll find fellow students, faculty, staff, and alumni waiting for your arrival so they can help you reach your life goals. You’ll soon connect with dream sharers who are on journeys just like yours–to become the person you were meant to be. During New Student Orientation, you will hear from inspirational speakers, get a preview of campus life, check out clubs and organizations, and settle into your new home. Every success story has a beginning, and you’re ready to start writing Chapter One. At TakeOff:

  • Meet the fellow new students who will become lifelong friends.
  • Move into your room and get it fixed up.
  • Learn your way around campus.
  • Understand the expectations, rules, and guidelines of Wildcat Nation.
  • Get a glimpse into FVSU history, get acquainted with faculty and staff, and get set for your first day of class.

Life as a Wildcat has begun, and you will never be the same.

Get ready to soar.