Nelnet Payment Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about the Nelnet payment plan, the official payment plan for Fort Valley State University.  Information is also available at

How do I sign up?

  • Log in to MyFVSU.
  • Select Student Services.
  • Select Student Account.
  • Select Setup/Manage eCashier payment plan.

How much will the payment plan allow me to budget:

  • $4500 is the maximum allowed on the plan.
  • $100 is the minimum allowed on the plan.

How do I contact Nelnet?

  • Call 1‐800‐609‐8056.
  • Identify yourself as a student at Fort Valley State University, a University System of Georgia Institution.

What payment options does Nelnet have?

  • Enroll with a bank account to pay automatically by ACH draft or use a valid credit or debit card number. A 2.85% convenience fee is assessed for each transaction if using a debit or credit card.
  • The convenience fee charge for paying with a credit or debit card may appear as a separate charge amount on your statement, or on the person’s statement who is paying on your behalf.
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted. The fee will be charged for each payment you make using the credit card method.
  • If your bank account information changes, you must make the change with Nelnet by signing in to your Nelnet account.

What if I owe the University more than $4500.00?

  • Any balance over $4500.00 will be added to your down payment.

How much will my down‐payment percentage be?

  • Your down‐payment percentage is determined by the date on which you sign up. Earlier signup results in a lower percentage and lower enrollment fee.
  • The Enrollment fee goes up as we near the start of the semester.
  • Visit to view the payment options and timeline.

If I enroll in the Nelnet payment plan and add more classes during the add/drop period, will the additional charges be added to my payment plan?

  • Yes.  The cost of additional classes will be added to your payment plan.

If I enroll in the Nelnet payment plan and then receive additional financial aid, can I apply that to my payment plan to reduce it?

  • Yes.  The aid will automatically be applied to the payment plan until the cutoff date set up by Nelnet for the semester.

Is my financial aid applied to my account when calculating the budget for my payment plan?

  • Yes.  All estimated financial aid amounts that appear on the Student Account Suite are included in your payment plan calculation.

If I enroll in the Nelnet payment plan and then decide I want to make a change, can I?

  • The payment plan enrollment process provides many steps and you can back out until you click “submit”.  After that, the payment plan contract is between Nelnet and you, the student. Contact Nelnet for options at that point. Down payments are charged to your bank account or credit card immediately.
  • Each Nelnet payment will appear on your bank statement as a Fort Valley State University transaction.
  • If you use a credit or debit card to enroll in the payment plan, a separate charge for the 2.85% convenience fee will appear on the credit card statement. This is not a duplicate charge. If someone other than you is responsible for your payment plan, be sure to make them aware of the information in this FAQ, including how payment deductions will appear on their statements.
  • FERPA authorization is required to be on file for the Bursar’s Office to speak with someone other than the student about financial information including Nelnet. The FERPA release form can be found at

What if I can’t make my Nelnet payment plan payments timely?

  • Nelnet will charge you various penalties for non‐payment. Please see their website for more information.
  • If you do not make a successful first payment, your payment plan is canceled and you will owe your full balance to the University immediately.  Your classes will not be secured.
  • If you default or submit an invalid payment type, you will not be able to participate in payment plans with Nelnet again.

If I don’t pay Nelnet, does it affect my financial status at the University?

  • If your down payment is unsuccessful, your plan is automatically canceled and your balance is immediately due to Fort Valley State University.  Classes will not be secured.
  • Payment rejection will occur if the payment type you submit to Nelnet is invalid or there are insufficient funds for your first payment.
  • Nelnet will notify you if the payment is unsuccessful.  The University will also notify you by email if you owe a balance.  Remember to review the Student Account Suite regularly for balance updates, and check your Wildcat email for any correspondence.

I contacted the University and was told it was too late to enroll in a payment plan this term. How can I make sure I get to sign up for future terms?

Contact the Bursar’s Office at with any additional questions.