Wildcat Card Office

The Wildcat Card is the official identification for Fort Valley State University students and employees.

All students and employees are required to have a current Wildcat Card.  Students use the Wildcat Card to access residential and academic buildings, the primary dining hall, dining dollars for other eating locations on campus, and Wildcat cash for meals and laundry services.  Employees use the Wildcat Card for building access.

Obtaining a Wildcat Card

Students attending classes on the main campus in Fort Valley go to the Wildcat Card Office in room 240 of the Troup Administration Building to take your ID picture.  Bring a copy of your state ID with you.

Students enrolled on all online classes, or classes offered at the Warner Robins Center,  use the following link to request a Wildcat card online:  FVSU WILDCAT CARD.


Office Contact Information

Location:                                240 Troup Administration Building

Business Hours:                     Monday – Friday     8:00 am – 4:45 pm

Phone:                                    478.825.6521

Email:                                     ecashier@fvsu.edu or greerc@fvsu.edu

Card Services Manager:       Chuck Greer

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m a new student.  When do I get an ID Card?

After registering for classes, come to the ID card office for an FVSU Wildcat Card.   Bring your state ID with you for assistance.  If enrolling in all online courses, submit an ID request at FVSU WILDCAT CARD after registering for classes.  Once tuition and fees are paid, the card will be mailed to you.


How much is an ID Card?
The first ID Card is free.  A replacement ID card is $25.00.

What is Wildcat Cash?
Wildcat Cash refers to funds that you add to your ID card.  These funds are for campus laundry services and to purchase meals at on-campus retail locations.

What is the difference between Wildcat Cash and Dining Dollars?
Dining Dollars are included with your residential meal plan.  Wildcat cash is added to your ID card with your personal funds.

Where can I use Wildcat cash?
Use Wildcat Cash in any of the campus laundry machines.  Also use Wildcat Cash at the campus locations of Chick-fil-A, Slice of Life, Jazzman’s Cafe, and Simply To Go.

How do I add Wildcat Cash to my account?
Go to https://fvsu.campuscardcenter.com and register your account to add funds using your debit or credit card.


  • Instant access to funds
  • No waiting in line
  • Review your current available balance
  • Invite friends and family to add funds to your account