Sexual Assault and Misconduct Task Force

President’s Charge

I am appointing a Sexual Assault & Misconduct Task Force (SAM) that will be responsible for helping to promote a culture of safety by addressing safety and security concerns at FVSU. The SAM Task Force will examine all policies and procedures on campus and recommend policies, programs, training, and initiatives that help build a culture of excellence at FVSU.

Vision Statement

Fort Valley State University’s Sexual Assault and Misconduct Task Force seeks to maintain a campus culture void of manifestations of sexual assault and misconduct where students, faculty, staff and external members of the Campus community are afforded opportunities for ongoing collaborative development, self-actualization, the freedom of inclusion and equality.

Mission Statement

Through a strategic alignment of resources, policies and procedures, Fort Valley State University’s Sexual Assault and Misconduct Task Force will evidence an Institutional culture and environment capable of addressing sexual violence at all levels, while maintaining its commitment to the overall growth and development of our campus and extended family.

SAM Task Force Objectives

  • To examine all policies and procedures related to sexual assault and misconduct;
  • To make a comparative analysis of FVSU’s current practices with national best practices;
  • To assess the current climate of sexual misconduct of the campus community;
  • To recommend appropriate prevention, intervention and tertiary programs, initiatives, and training;
  • To lead in the creation of a coordinated community response to sexual assault and misconduct; and
  • To strengthen our University’s culture of safety, trust, and awareness of sexual assault and misconduct.