Early Childhood Special Ed (old)

Early childhood/special education majors are focused on helping students with the greatest need to gain fundamental skills and knowledge. FVSU students with this major develop an ability to perform well as a teacher by studying how people acquire basic knowledge, developing methods of instruction, and mastering how to effectively manage a learning environment. They become particularly competent in working with the youngest children and students with disabilities and other special needs.

During the most recent academic year, 100% of FVSU education graduates passed the state certification exam, and 90% found teaching positions, were enrolled in graduate school or became gainfully employed in careers related to education within one month of graduating.

In addition to classroom work, FVSU education majors engage in a field experience, working with practicing teachers in their classrooms to plan, implement, assess, and reflect on instructional methods, procedures, and principles. This includes lesson planning, assessing, evaluating, grading, conducting case studies, and developing effective classroom management strategies.

The college is committed to the preparation of “proficient educators” who are competent in content, pedagogy, and technology, as well as educators who possess a caring disposition while understanding and appreciating diversity.

The program is administered through the College of Education.