Health Services

Health Services

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Health Services is to provide service and assistance to students in matters pertaining to their physical and mental health and to promote the concept of wellness and education relative to the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The purpose and function are to provide preventive health counseling, medical counseling, and treatment of minor illnesses and accidents to the students at Fort Valley State University.

General Information

On campus, dial 9-911 immediately for a life-threatening emergency.

Medical Records

A confidential health record is created for each student upon completion and return of a medical history form to Fort Valley State University. Health information cannot be released without the patient’s written consent unless mandated by law. (If the student is under 18 years of age, the parent(s) or legal guardians(s) must sign a Consent for Treatment form, which is kept in the health record file.) Medical and mental health records are not included in the general university record system. Medical records are maintained in compliance with Georgia state laws and are destroyed in a confidential manner.


Your Fort Valley State University medical record is confidential. Information will not be released without your written consent except for legal subpoenas and cases of some communicable diseases, which by law, must be reported to the Department of Public Health.


All students enrolled for 6 semester hours or more at Fort Valley State University are eligible for services. Proof of enrollment (such as current student ID) must be shown before receiving service.

Health Insurance

All students are strongly encouraged to purchase health insurance. Student insurance plans are available to students attending Fort Valley State University. Applications are available at the Health Center and the Office of Student Affairs.

Recommendation to be Excused from Class

A student who utilizes Student Health Services’ medical services is expected to visit the Health Center at times that do not conflict with academic responsibilities unless it is a medical emergency. After a student has been assessed in the Health Center, a recommendation will be provided for the student to take to the Student Affairs Office for an excused absence form. According to Fort Valley State University policy, the professor reserves the right to assign the student an excused or unexcused absence.