Information Technology Enterprise Planning

The Office of Information Technologies looks to the future in order to create a strategic plan that aligns the needs and growth of the university with the operations and support of the department. Working with the Deans and Directors of all campus colleges and departments, IT will utilize the historical data for each location or computer with the input, desires, and plans of the users, to create replacement plans that can be used to direct strategic replacement as budget becomes available.

Below you will find the strategic plan for IT as well as planning information on replacement computers for staff and faculty, lab upgrades, class room upgrades, network upgrades, and enterprise application projects.

  • IT Strategic Plan (coming soon)
  • Classroom A/V Upgrades (coming soon)
  • Enterprise Applications (coming soon)
  • Lab Upgrades (coming soon)
  • Network Upgrades (coming soon)
  • Staff and Faculty computer replacement (coming soon)